Thursday, December 27, 2007

Making an Impact

We are born with a sense to do something great. I don't know anyone who would have said at 4 or 5 years old, "I never want to do anything for anybody" "I never want to accomplish something to leave my mark on the world".

Having said that, there are millions of people who say things like that. So what happens between 4 and whatever age that started?

Damage. I am starting to be able to concur with Paul who said he found the secret to being content in all things whether poor or rich, clothed or naked, etc... and further James who says that if you endure trial there will be a crown of life granted to us. Much like you may be able to imagine the sheer force and impact that this asteroid would have on this planet I see 2 perspectives.
1. the asteroid strikes the planet and wipes out a huge section of life...

Hope. I also know that the reason why anyone ultimately does any good in "this" life is because of hope. Hope of making a difference, a lasting change, their mark on "mankind". Paul tells us in Romans that hope is the reason we perserve and it builds character.
2. We can be the asteroid making the impact

We get hit with asteroids in our lives, name-calling, offenses, unmet expectations, tragedies, accidents, death, debt, taxes, etc... when these events happen we have a choice to lay down in front of the asteroid or be a much larger asteroid and impact the one coming at us. (I know the sentence doesn't flow well. deal with it :)

God told joshua He set before him life and death and that he should choose life. He said this because the default is death you already have it, but we must choose life, resist the forces that come against us and conquer those things which have been set to impact us and to then turn it all around and impact those things.

We really need to trust God for His protection and provision, thank Jesus for our redemption and forgiveness, and embrace the power of the Holy Spirit to move on from that which ties(d) us down. will you make an impact? or will you be impacted?

I John 5:5- who is it that overcomes the world?
none but he who believes in the Son of God!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Spirituality is not devoid of rational thought

It is a common misconception that if you are to believe in God you must throw out logic. That God doesn't want us to use our brains because it gets in the way of us being able to take a "leap of faith" no rational person would do this.

Lets consider a few things. God knows everything, i mean everything, math, science, literature, people, the brain, the spiritual realm- Everything.- God created us. He says in His Word that He will teach us all things, that we have been given the mind of Christ. The mind of CHRIST! who is God, so He says in His Word that He will help us think like He does. Makes sense. God doesnt want us to abandon our mental faculties to believe in Him. just simply to open our selves to the realm of possibility. and sometimes in order to do this we must loose ourselves from what we think we know and believe the world is round anyway. Even though everyone else states its scientific fact it is flat, even when the world reports something different we need to believe the report of the Lord.

Keep thinking, Keep Seeking, Keep doubting :) and quest, hunger and thirst for you shall be satisfied, ask you and shall find, i could go on but you get the point. Happy hunting.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Spiritual, Mystic, Authentic

The last several weeks I have contemplated some simple notions if you will. For years people have been fascinated with death, after-life, and SuperHero figures. The above image is in the top search results on google images if you search massage therapy. Personally i don't see how this image has anything to portrait in massage therapy but yet it represents 70% + of all logos and marketing/advertising for massage therapist. But it is not limited to my field of massage. Doctors- Chiropractic, Nutritional, Naprapathic, Acupuncturist all alike. I have been asking myself what Anyone would in their right mind see someone who said their "qi" "chi" "ki" is out of line or blocked. here we have an invisible force that science has not yet really proven to exist on an imperical level. Yet so many are willing to believe some quack doctor (not all are quacks) that if they would let them put a crystal and play some music that your headaches will go away. or if i stick you with needles in just the right way time and "diagnosis" we can cure and heal cancers.

Obviously these are people who have stumbled on biblical principles of the spiritual realm of which we only know in part - that is, the natural realm- how can we as christians appropriate and harness this "energy healing" power without compromising our true faith? and then is it possible? Is it simply a matter of who is wielding the sword if it will be used to murder or protect?

I believe we can through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Authentic power. Bring 'em on I say. Let's go to the cafe's and the bookstores and the psychics and spiritual advisor's and take over their jobs. why are christians so afraid of this witchcraft? why are we so timid about the true power that will set a generation free? Why shouldn't we approach the guy at the table with a necronomicon or wiccan book or transcendental meditation

Saturday, December 01, 2007


I just have a few encouraging scriptures to share:

Col 2:13 And you, being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He has made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses,
Col 2:14 blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and has taken it out of the way, nailing it to the cross.
Col 2:15 Having stripped rulers and authorities, He made a show of them publicly, triumphing over them in it.

Gal 4:6 And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying, Abba, Father.
Gal 4:7 So that you are no longer a slave, but a son; and if a son, also an heir of God through Christ.

Gal 5:1 Stand fast therefore in the liberty with which Christ has made us free, and do not again be held with the yoke of bondage.

1Jn 4:4 You are of God, little children, and you have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

1Jn 5:5 Who is able to overcome the world but the man who has faith that Jesus is the Son of God?

Heb 8:13 In speaking of a "new" covenant, he has made the first one obsolete, and what is obsolete and aging will soon disappear.

Heb 8:6 But now He has obtained a more excellent ministry, by so much He is also the Mediator of a better covenant, which was built upon better promises.

truly i could go on and on but the picture is that God is always watching He is like a proxy bidder in an auction only better because He is infinite in His ways and His resources always searching for the betterment of His creation- You, Us, me.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

In the Spirit of... things

My simple contention is this: if we (those who are believers) have the very Spirit of God who is infinite and omniscient living also inside of us, then if one is to walk in the spirit one could be in contact with any single person or group of believers at anytime. We could see and know what they are experiencing, needing prayer for and then be a vehicle, a womb if you will for God to birth a miracle in our lives.

My further contention is that if I pray "alone" in my room I may yet still have someone agreeing with me in prayer if someone else by the same is praying maybe in brazil at the same time or perhaps not at the same time, God is not bound by time so why should our prayers, if I agree with Jesus' High Priestly prayer in john 17 to be one with God isn't that agreeing? shouldn't i expect it to happen than?

just some thoughts.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some possible songs...

I will answer Your Love

Time is not for me

But You are

Taking my cares, Taking my fears

Taking me to Your side:

Breathing life, Breathing Love

Breathing You in to me

So whisper away Lord

I’ll heed Your Call

I’ll incline my ear O God

I will answer Your Love

Death is not for me

But You are

Speaking Truth, Speaking Love, Speaking to me:

Come to my house, Come to my Heaven, Come, Come my Beloved.

So speak those words

I’ll heed Your Call

I’ll set my heart to understand

I will answer Your Love



Though we’re born in iniquity

And our soul be bent

You shed Your Blood so freely

That we could repent

We’ve been stained with sin

A scarlet bond was made

But He was pierced and bruised and striped

To break us of our chains

Have you any sick?

Have you any poor?

Have you any hungry?

We have His Name and more

We call fire from Heaven

He’s the Bread of Life- the unleavened

O Lover of our Soul

It’s only You we want to know

Exchanged from darkness to light

Scarlet garments to robes of white

He paid the greatest price

To be with us for life

No more debts to pay…

Not to me

Not to them

Not to You

Because I am Redeemed X4

Monday, November 05, 2007

The great divide

What makes a hero or heroine? what makes the difference between Abraham and Lot? or David and Goliath? or Joseph and his brothers? For that matter where is the line between lunacy and genius? There is a great divide. We need to see the trial for what it is not what it wants us to believe.
Here are a few points:
A hero has a call to adventure with a guardian or peril at the beginning that they must overcome or persuade to enter into the adventure.
A hero meets a guide or gains a companion who is with them through the adventure.
The hero faces many trials and adversaties.
The hero then faces the great enemy. The hero must find a way to overcome the enemy.
The hero survives the aftermath of defeating the enemy.
The hero returns home bringing with him or her a key or a gift for those left behind.

It's like my freshman english teacher used to ask, "How's your day, Jeff?" I'd say "good" and he'd say " How do you know?" I used to always shrug my shoulders and then one day he explained. You wouldn't know a good day if it weren't for bad days, and likewise a perfect day from the worst day.

In the spiritual realm we face this on a daily if not moment by moment basis. The difference in Peter when 3 times he denied the Lord and then later became one of the most powerful spiritual leaders in the early church? -The Holy Spirit- He is what can make us see a mountain and Want to cast it into the see, to give us the boldness to look into the eyes of the world and say you don't scare me anymore, let's rumble. Greater is the one in me than the one in the world. My Jesus is with me to the end of the age through the person of the Holy Spirit and I will trust in Him and His word never fails therefore all hell and its legions must tremble in my presence because I bring with me the kingdom of God wherever I trod my foot and i can expect a few sore heels from all the stompin on serpeants heads!

So plainly the Holy SPirit gives a new persepctive on the battlefield like Samson, no longer was it just 3000 phillistines against one man, it was 1 silly nation who was "dissing" the God of the universe whom Samson had a covenant and he just gave to God what he had and He used him with great power and WON!

You are that Hero/Heroine today, therefore Arise!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

They can do it, YOU can do it

Funny, sometimes I have noticed that in our "circles" we give out titles. Joe says, "hey guys look Jeff is here, justin has a bum knee, jeff why don't you pray for him, your're good at healing people" in this short scenario joe just gave jeff a title of healer, "Jeff Poms, OWHP-One Who Heals People" thats what they want to see on a business card. This temporarily lends to our oh so frail ego but ultimately sweeps our own legs from under us as when jeff is sick and in need of prayer who in his "Circle" will be able to believe for healing? Now not only is everyone else not in practice for healing but also the "healer" is sick what could this mean? where is the release of faith in this?

the world may say to you that they can do it, They can tithe, pray, read and understand the bible, go to bible college, go on missions trips etc.

but God says You can do it! "I am" made you I created gifts and talents in you and even ones you don't know about, yet.

I learned through many trials and storms that few if any people will be there when you are in a bad car accident and need healing right then, when you are in the hospital because the doctors fear you just had a heart attack at age 25, when your wife and you have "lost" 2 babies due to tubal pregnancies, when the rent the car and the electric is all due and you just lost your job. who prays then? will you call up the pastor and try and get a hold of him/her? maybe your best friend? but time is running out and YOU need to pray what will you do? do you know what to do? or did you buy into "They can do it" ?

Is 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

God knows you all of you and better than you know you, and He still chooses you! He would not ask of you what He hasn't given you the ability and faith to do. remember it is not about Great faith in God but simple faith in a Great God.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

False Cosmic Battle

I have been meditating on this idea the last few days. We have this concept of God and Satan that is not too different in some manner as the Jehovah's Witnesses. Specifically that God and Satan are like brothers, now we don't believe this... or do we? When I listen to some Christians talk about demonic warfare and their theology I get an impression that they think there is this cosmic battle between good and evil, light and dark, God and Satan. But I just don't see it, I mean yes there is spiritual warfare that we must do and yes satan is our adversary, accuser, and enemy, but it's not like the angels and demons are placing bets on the universes most intense "death match". I think we have lost a perspective that we are the head and not the tail, victors and Hyper Conquerers and its like some of us are unsure who to bet on? or who is going to win? oh sure I know cerebrally you would say no way of course i know we have the victory in Christ! So how come some of us are still flippin' on the tv late at night hopin' to see some inappropriate material, or stuck on gossiping or hearing it, or falling into the trap of offense, or on and on. Is it because on some level we let a familiar voice creep into our soul? the voice that speaks the same thing it did to Eve? "Did God indeed say?" are we to the point of surety in our faith that we can speak with boldness and conviction as the apostle Paul would say "This is a faithful saying..." He had a thorn and asked for a removal and got a grace to continue on. ( I realize at this point my thought pattern isn't entirely cohesive but try and follow my unbeaten path). I am recently more and more challenged myself to as Paul says "examine myself Daily, to see if I am in the faith" I am tired of the compromising and tired of saying "I am tired of the compromising" I believe in the risen literal Son of God and as such have been given the power and authority of heaven at my disposal and here I just sat and probably wasted 3-4 hours this week watching tv shows that only add to emotionalism in my life. The bible IS irrefutably the only inspired word of God and as such should be meticulously studied and thereby obeyed and when we fail in our task of as Paul says in Galatians "IF you walk in the Spirit you will Not fulfill the lust of the flesh" we should all the more boldly come. Come to His presence, His Counsel, His Strength and His Unconditional Love and Forgiveness that we might through that encounter gain the desired deliverance and victory that we initially set out to attain. Bottom line the devil is a liar and the father of it, Jesus is the name above all names and He-Jesus, gave us the right to be Sons of God so that by virtue of our relationship with Him the devil no longer has any legal right to accuse distort or provoke our lives as long as we abide in Him and even though we stray He made a way to be continually reconciled back into the Father's Love.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Naturally Supernatural- Walking in the SPirit

This again is something close to my heart just living my life for Christ keeping an inclined ear to what He wants to do and is doing. Rather than telling God my plans and hoping He agrees enough to throw a "blessing" my way, I should be concerned with disciplining myself to hear God's voice and being a sheep, which is remarkably easier.

Today as i was "deep" in prayer something just came out of my mouth that was like " Lord just teach me to live and walk in the Spirit". Gal. tells us that if we walk in the spirit we will Not fulfill the lust of the flesh. its kind of like a duh statement but it really hit me today. So the cry of my spirit is to walk in the spirit, to be baptized again and again in the spirit, and to live abide in the spirit, so that like Jesus i will not be tricked, swindled, confused, given to fits of rage, envy, strife, dischord and the like but filled without measure with all of the power and resource of Heaven! someone say amen :)

Monday, October 08, 2007

Far and few between

I know that this may be a hard pill to swallow because I am aware of a strong fan club out there :) but my wife and I are going to be moving soon and will not have internet at home so blogs will not be a regular occurence but please keep checking back as you never know when God might use this to encourage you.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Any other takers?

Surely there must be more questions than these that you all have? BTW, check out it has some pretty funny stuff.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Marriage and Sex

I ravish His heart, a couple things 1. simply put first lets define marriage: the act of 2 people covenanting together in the bonds of Holy Matrimony witnessed by someone right? Right. so Eve was joined to Adam in the presence of God so there was both an official pronunciation of the marriage and a covenant (which is always ratified through blood, hence the consummation of the marriage) So God both witnessed and officiated this marriage and "that which God has joined let no man separate". 2nd in a slightly longer allegorical answer is that God often uses a physical or natural description to refer to the spiritual realm for example, Is 14 talks about the King of Babylon who was a real person and it is about him, it is just also a direct reference to lucifer becoming satan. with this in mind we see there is the tabernacle the temple of God, there were three places outer courts, inner courts/ holy place, and the Most Holy place or the Holy of Holies. So it is with us we have a body, that possess a soul that has a spirit each 3 being progressively more intimate than the first, same with our relationships outer courts equal those we see and kind of know at school or work- associates, then there are the inner courts- family, good friends, and then there is the holy of holies the inmost parts shared only between a husband and his wife. also everytime one fornicates (all the kissing and touching stuff before marriage that is not the act of penetration) or engages in premarital sex they effectively bind themselves to that person without the marriage ceremony or commitment, this is why some psychologists say things like you give apart of yourself to someone you are or have had sex with, because you literally have you bonded your spirit with the others. I hope this is helpful.


In reference to "Life as we see it's" question regarding "Did Jesus actually feel pain when the nails went into his hands?" the Biblical support is numerous however a simple way to prove this is: John 1:1-14 these scriptures clearly show us that though Jesus being of the same substance and nature of God transformed himself into an earthen fleshly vessel. ah but then you might say "every matter should be established by 2 or more witnesses", ok... we could also look at the prophetic Psalm 88 versus' 4 and 15. and Hebrews 4:15 I hope these sufficiently answer your question :)

Godslovechangedeverything asked "how does a man *practically* love his wife the way Jesus loved the church? " This is easy and difficult, easy because it is clearly and specifically mentioned in 1 Cor 13., but we also see 1 cor 7:13 and more in Eph 5:23;33 if you want more paractical than these I would say 1st as a man make sure you know your role 2nd Love your wife like 1 cor 13 and think about her everyday during your day 3rd listen to your wife she is a fountain of wisdom that springs forth inventive ideas, knowledge, and encouragements more precious than fine gold. and last but definitely not least Die to your flesh.
Jen asked "He descended into hell and on the 3rd day He rose again. Is that at all Biblical? Yes Where does that idea come from, the descending into hell? Eph 4:9-10 mainly, but the idea of "the Pit" or "SHeol" etc. is all over the old and new testament. But i think if you start with this scripture you will be on a good start. oh and Eph 6:12, then read Col 2:15 and that should be it.
Thank you all for your questions keep them coming this is fun.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back on track

You know it's interesting how many times this happens to me (and i'm sure the rest of you in the real world) getting lost in the wilderness, confused by the "pressed but not crushed, persecuted not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed" routine that Satan does with me. Am i so easily thwarted off of the vision and purposes God has placed in me?

I think so, but I believe not
You see I originally started this blog for one simple goal. To brain dump the specific musings, rantings, and meditations of my reading, studying, and experience of the Bible to encourage and edify those who might read it. As of late it seems I have left that goal and so I have a plan, an idea.

I want to be challenged and helpful at the same time. What I propose is...

Send in your bible/theological questions
This way I can be sure to not only challenge myself and cause myself to stay on task, but also to encourage more readers to participate. Of Course any answer i give is not simply the bottom line, so if you would be unsatisfied (or just have a check in your spirit) feel free to challenge my answers :)

Happy Postings...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

the Road From Damascus

I will be developing this thought more as I go, but just after I got saved I received a word from a good and trusted friend that I would be like Paul on the road to Damascus. Recently in my life i have had the opportunity to share my testimony with several clients that I work with and find myself unintentionally comparing myself to Paul realizing that there are some definite similarities.

Each year for the last couple years (probably before i just wasn't paying attention) God has given me a theme for that year, this year is from Act 14:22

confirming the souls of the disciples, calling on them to continue in the faith and that through much tribulation we must enter into the kingdom of God.
Now i don't really pray and ask god, o Lord please send trial my way, but i have just learned to be at rest during the trial. If i am to have faith, that is the hope of the unseen, i must endure through that which is presently in front of me that i might gain which is unattainable except through faith by His grace, even victory over the power of the enemy.

be encouraged, He is able

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Bike Ride

Yesterday my wife and I took Bella for a little walk to look at a house for rent within our little subdivision. Bianca asked Bella if she wanted to ride her bike. I was a bit surprised since she usually can't even make it go forward (though in her defense its uphill in a grassy area in the backyard).

Truly it is probably only a quarter mile or half mile to where we were going, but it took about 20-30 minutes to get there. I have been feeling generally impatient with Bella lately anyway so this wasn't helping. As she "rode" her bike she just wouldn't pay attention to what she was doing and ended up in the middle of the road, fortunately it's not real busy but we kept telling her get to the shoulder/side. She would for like a few seconds and then sure enough veer into the middle again.

Frustrated as I was, I was also proud of her. Listening to Bianca say "you're doin' a great job honey, keep at it" was humbling moment for me. I thought to myself, what if God were as impatient with me as I am with Bella- I'd be in heaven right now... I have been thinking a lot lately about mercy and patience (and GOd is giving lots of oppurtunities to get it right). Giving people room to make mistakes and instead of beating them down for it, using it as a springboard for encouragement and growth...

Thank you Lord for Your mercy and long suffering in my life.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Clarify climbing the mountain

Bianca earlier today brought it to my attention that i am not the best communicator when i write things but here goes in response to my last post we were NOT "kicked out" or anything crazy like that, Marta(Bianca's Mom) has been spectacular its just some things fell through and now the "plan" has changed we are all still doing well and expect to have a place to live in the next week as we are already dilligent in finding a home

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Climbing the mountain

I am typing this off the cuff so it may be a little rough on the edges, but this morning we were just informed that we have a month to move SOMEWHERE/??? we do not know where to go how to go or even who to go to? but we must move nonetheless. if you who read this could please pray for this we would greatly appreciate it.

Glory to Glory and Faith to Faith we climb up the mountain until we have our next "mountain top experience" so we can go back down into the valley, well at least His rod and staff comfort us and goodness and mercy follow us, and a banquet in the presence of our enemies and a hedge about us, phew! its a good thing we know the Lord of All when we climb the mountain of life...

Monday, August 27, 2007

Worthy or Unworthy?

This is my daughter Bella. Of course. We recently went to Bath&Body Works with my parents and Bella picked up this adorable little ducky. She asked for the ducky to which I replied, Sorry sweetie we don't have money for this right now. she responded with You have to go to work and make the money so we can give it to the lady and we will buy the ducky? and i said yes honey thats right.

She has no real concept of money, but she knew she was valuable to me and worthy enough to approach me and ask for what she wanted.

I was remembering a conversation I had with a young woman several years ago. I had just become a Christian maybe 5-6 months and was working at a large chiropractic firm doing mall screenings (health screenings). This woman came into my booth and sat down filled out our questionnaire and under occupation proudly displayed exotic dancer. I asked this young woman if she had thought this through. She hastily replied yes. I went on to enlighten her about the weight her occupation would carry on her resume. She mentioned to me she was going to go to law school and was saving for that occasion. I asked her what she would put down on her resume for the last 5-7 years that she had been a "dancer". She said she never thought about it. We then got discussing about God. She related she did not feel worthy to approach God or receive anything from Him. I told her I could settle it for her- "You are not worthy." I said emphatically. We are truly all sinners but because God's grace, mercy, justice, and love for us, He sent Jesus by whom we can have access to the Father.

I hear people say things like, 'No don't look at me I'm just a worm, it's all Jesus' 'I don't want to boast in myself it is Jesus' Now i suppose these statements are not entirely wrong but it procreates a defeatist mentality. We are no mere worm, we are the chosen elect sons of the Most High whom by His will and desire Fashioned us in His image and likeness that we also ought to bare His strength, wisdom, glory, love, truth, honor, mercy, generosity and He leads us in a triumphant march!


Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Vacation day with the Poms

Photobucket Album

Saturday, August 25, 2007


My wife says " you haven't blogged in a while" so here ya go :)

More to come as later we will go to the beach with my parents today :) will have pics

Check ya later

Friday, August 17, 2007

Salvation- Thoughts on the Whole Truth

So I go an opportunity to minister to a client today. She has 3 children 2 girls and 1 boy all BLIND. really one has nothing to do with the other though :) anyway in talking to her about various aspects of her life and struggles she was facing concerning her daughters I related a simple illustration about salvation.

In the US I have noticed a lot of what we preach tends to be like " Please please get saved, Jesus will fulfill your every need He's great" and so some are "coaxed" into an emotional decision to "accept christ".

She was interested so i continued...

Then 3-9 months down the road when trial and storm hit they say "where's Jesus to make my life all better" and Jesus says i didn't promise to make life all better but that I would never leave you. so that person gets discouraged, embittered, convicted, depressed, and eventually leaves the church that "no one obviously cares about me".

An alternative approach:
Take the ticket at the top of the page, we loose, forget, decline to use the word Redeem. Redeem defined is 1 a : to buy back : REPURCHASE b : to get or win back
2 : to free from what distresses or harms: as a : to free from captivity by payment of ransom b : to extricate from or help to overcome something detrimental c : to release from blame or debt : CLEAR d : to free from the consequences of sin.

in order to redeem something someone must pay the cost or penalty in order to take possession
There is a penalty or cost for Sin= God's Wrath and Judgement but Jesus paid the penalty for us by being perfect and not only dying but raising from the grave. So He gave up His life to gain a life with us His creation. Now when you "accept" the free gift available to you you are redeemed from the penalty of Sin. this means you now belong to Jesus because He redeemed you. You are not your own and you can not live your life how you want...

Just thoughts...random at that.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

As a Side Note : 0

We are so cute :)
Well many of you may know bianca and i celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! we discussed some goals and dreams at the beach, we saw a movie (at the movie theater !!) and we went to a large seafood buffet (which was not so great but not awful :)

It was nice just to be with bianca and for a limited time just be married, not worried about bills or bella or the stuff of "life".

Many of you who read this have had a strong impact on us and helped us get to this point. you know who you are and thank you.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Naturally Supernatural

Recently (the last few months) God has placed several things on my heart, one being the topic of evangelism. How do we do it? We are going to a Vineyard church now which is been of course an adjustment. I have not yet read the book, Naturally Supernatural, but just the title explains what God has been doing in me.

You see, or rather what I don't see is the bible recording many miraculous events in church/temple. What I do see is the majority of the miraculous outside. These miracles were not done on command as some demanded of Jesus hence the response "Only a perverse generation seeks a sign" but out of His ordinary life. Walking a long and BAM someone He meets is blind or another who is a demoniac.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the more we just commune with God, and learn to discipline our flesh, we won't have to pray for an hour before we go out witnessing to get "into His presence" we will simply abide in HIM so that when we come across those He wants to reach we will simply listen with ears to hear and respond accordingly, that is according to His will.

To those of you who read this and think ... God... use ME??!! well.. yeah. God wants to use you, certainly He is smart and powerful enough to figure out how to, so the only other variable in the equation is WILL YOU YIELD??

We all mentally, egotistically, socially, spiritually etc would say we want to be used of God, we would probably all agree we believe He can use us, so do we really believe it?
sometimes we can have a mental comprehension without a piercing of our spirit, without a revealed word in due season, because anyone in psychology or ministry :) will tell you, " you will act upon that which you believe". Having already laid down the previous statements now we visit James who says "show me your works that I might know you have faith" faith without works is dead.

If we really believe what we say and have convinced ourselves we believe then we will take action according to our faith.

Blessings friends

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Remebering the Rest

I have been thinking a lot about this. Pastor has been prophesied over that this 2007 is the seventh year of the church and it would be restful and "break". I have been claiming it for my life as well. Something hit me though. Entering into His rest is not necessarily doing nothing, but rather being in a state that the Holy Spirit is always enduing with power, GOd is always imparting strength for our weakness. I believe that until learn total abandonment and surrender and be "weak" for GOd we can not see His strength, and when we embrace His strength we can relax because it is not US doing anything it is HIM, therefore this is rest. It speaks in I Cor. about carrying about the Death of Christ in our bodies that we may also display His power. This is the context of the earthen vessels in II Cor. Is. 66:2-3 talks about how to get GOd's attention, a broken and contrite spirit, so that the Potter can take the broken pieces of clay, melt them down and reform them into something that could only be made by the Master.

So let us contend with all we are against lethargy and laziness- that is the Spirit of SLumber- and work dilligently 6 days :) and the 7th rest in God's presence and power.

The Mountain top experiences are to prepare and equip us to go back down and through the valley, thereby Faith to Faith, GLory to Glory.

just thoughts...

Monday, July 16, 2007

Updated pics of the Poms in South Carolina

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Monday, July 09, 2007

Untitled Song

The Following is a lyrical poem thing I felt inspired to write well unfortunately not selling many people to see a timeshare presentation. No copyrights so feel free to use any portion, all I ask is that when it becomes the next hit like "Shout to the Lord" you send me a copy :) I hope that it inspires you and reminds you of the powerful redemptive Blood of Jesus that removes us from the "Works System".


Though we’re born in iniquity

And our soul be bent

You shed Your Blood so freely

That we could repent

We’ve been stained with sin

A scarlet bond was made

But He was pierced and bruised and striped

To break us of our chains

Have you any sick?

Have you any poor?

Have you any hungry?

We have His Name and more

We call fire from Heaven

He’s the Bread of Life- the unleavened

O Lover of our Soul

It’s only You we want to know

Exchanged from darkness to light

Scarlet garments to robes of white

He paid the greatest price

To be with us for life

No more debts to pay…

Not to me

Not to them

Not to You

Because I am Redeemed X4

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wars, Battles, and Scars

So I realize that as of late my posts have been shall we say, less than uplifting and not so insightful. When I decided to blog it was more to bless others with knowledge and revelation that the Lord has graced me with, but I have let trials and storms veer me off course. Now, I would like to present to some and introduce to others, the LORD, Jesus the Christ:

a little sermon that the Holy Spirit is speaking to me:

Theological Truth: God is able to use whatever you give Him

Intro: I was working with a fellow sales person named Fran, who said to me, "Jeff, do you know how I avoid burnout?" I said "no". Fran said "do you know those balloon clowns the ones that you hit and they just keep coming up with a smile?" I said "oh yea" she said " That is how you have to be to make it in this field"

Statement: Be Dead to self not in Debt to self

I. Preparing for the Battlefield
Too many of us get hit and we are so loaded down with guilt and fear and rejection we can't get back up, b/c we pop (referring to the Balloon Clown getting knocked down) But you see the clown gets up b/c it doesn't feel the blow, it's an inanimate object- Did you hear me? We need to die. Oh we like to talk about it, Power, give me Power Lord- there is no resurrection power without Death.
A. Phil 3:10, Gal 2:20, 2 Cor 4:10-11 Death necessary part of process to power

II. How to Die?
A. Worship- The act and process by which we surrender our flesh that the Spirit of God may be
manifested in our natural realm
1. Money- Peter and Taxes-Mt 17:27 Elijah and the cake- 1 Ki 17:13
Concept of tithe, time and substance
2. Body- Ez. River of God

III. Spiritual Disciplines- how to kill the flesh
A. Fasting
B. Speaking in Tongues
C. Simple obedience to the Holy Spirit
D. Daily prayer and Bible reading
1. b/c you are hungry not just b/c you are "s'pose to"

IV. Going to war
A. Define- Purposeful engaging of an enemy, surrendering will to a cause not ones own but made ones own
B. Know Weapons
C. Know Enemy
D. Know Battlefield

Closing: Some of you are still saying" You don't know me, you don't know what I've been through, how I've been hurt, and that's true but I do know what He went through and it was harder and longer and tougher and His shed Blood avails MUCH

Good News
Bondage Breaker, Deliverer of the Damned

Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting Up

(Don't know why I chose this pic, but love you Dad)

A new theme is arising in my life as of late: Get Up!

In basically every arena of my life. Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, Socially, Financially, etc...
As some of you may know couple years ago Bianca and I ventured on a quest for health (not necessarily just to loose weight), we accomplished our goal and consequently lost 140 lbs combined. However over the last several months the weight has crept up and i am basically back at my starting weight [around 190]. This has made it difficult to get up in the morning

Mentally I am beginning to be lethargic, Financially I can ONLY go up :), Socially I am losing a desire of starting any relationships because what I am really seeking is someone to pour into my life not Just pour into others. Spiritually I have fallen, no guys not apostate or heretic, but just feel myself losing fervor and momentum.

I know what I would tell other people in my situation, Fast, Get in the Word, Press in to Christ, Keep getting up, Don't Give up and these I am doing. I just have been asking the Holy Spirit for a fresh fire and fresh annointing because in my own strength I am ready to lie down and rest for a bit. But the enemy is always about, no time to be lax.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Apostles of Faith in our Time

These Young and Seasoned men and women of God are the pioneers in my life who believed in me when I wanted to quit. Who drew out courage when all I knew was fear. Who after time and time again of failings picked me up and showed me how its done. Above all, they never quit on me and never let me quit on me.

In our lives we go through periods where when younger we think we know everything, then as we age we begin to realize the magnitude of the world and how little we know about some certain things, and then I think some of us find that except for God's Grace, we comprehend so very little.

Of course as Einstein would argue it's all relative, but I am rambling a little bit and the point of this entry is to appreciate those gone before me, those who helped make my crooked path straight, and encouraging me to pour into others lives. We never fully know for we only now in part until we see Him fully then we are fully known.

So find someone to help pour into your life the gold nuggets that God has shown them and grab someone else "weaker" in the faith and strengthen them to be bolder and stronger than you.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beat Down

Ah, it's in times like these when the Holy Spirit speaks to you and gently reminds you saying " You did pray and ask to be more humble, to see me more, to know My ways". Only what I failed to remember is that His choice method of working out the kinks as it were is purging by fire. Oh He will take you through the fire and you won't be burned, as long as you die.
So I have been stepping out for the Lord lately and this last week has been a beat down. Yes don't worry friends I will get back up, I always do.

I will keep pressing towards the goal, keep running to win the race, for I know the crown in which I desire will be an incorruptible crown.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


This was a couple days ago at the beach right outside Coral Beach Resort and it occurred to me that we are no longer tourists but locals and we can go just about whenever we want :)

Praise the Lord for the CITW Podcast! I am going to very soon be approaching several of the churches in the area to preach some revival services, if anyone of you who would read this would like to send me an email with a reference letter for ministry I would greatly appreciate it.

Need prayer for Divine appointments and meetings specifically with other denominations, money to repair my scooter ~$2-300, increased sales at work, possible part time job, a ministry Bianca and I can do together.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

whats it like here any how?

This is a cool beetle around here

Spanish moss - it's everywhere

this is called Wisteria is really pretty and i like the purples

The beach, what else should i say?

and for all you reptilian enthusiasts this is a 16ft 1500lbs alligator feeding on a 20 lbs chicken you get at Jewel :)

Friday, June 01, 2007

Minor Prophets

As of late the Holy Spirit has been taking me through the minor prophets. The last time I went through was in bible college, and all i really remembered was an overwhelming sense of God's Judgement. I just finished Amos and today will be reading Micah. Amos and Hosea I found of particular interest so far. God through these prophets does project His Voice and sharply rebuke His people for their lackadaisical relationship to Him and incorporation of other gods (stress on little "g"). Then with a greater fervency than His rebuke He calls them back to Love, back to righteousness, back to the Spiritual.

As a side note, I met with our youth/kids pastor Shane, who is a great guy definitely in love with the people he ministers to and that seems genuine. Yesterday he and I met to talk about my possible involvement in the youth ministry their and among other things he gave me a book to as he said "help you get familiar with The Vineyard and its theologies and philosophies" which is called "Empowered Evangelicals, bringing together the best of the evangelical and charismatic worlds". I couldn't sleep well last night so i ended up reading most of it. Bottom line I find their theology lacking in a few areas and their philosophy of ministry passive. They do believe in the ministry of the Holy SPirit but not that baptism as a second work of grace seperate from the salvation experience but that there are "fillings" and God sovereignly choose when/if He will "Show up". I suppose i could say they have a mental understanding and spiritual and social acceptance of the Holy Spirit but no regular experience of Him.

I found myself a bit like Israel in the wilderness, God all around me, but very little manifestation.

Prayers: There is a trend of pretty abject poverty and abuse in this area carried along by several preachers and pastors who fall into temptations causing them to fall and then that news spreads like wild fire, so the Church in general does not have a safe or necessarily good reputation.

Praise God I have a job and i will be looking for a second one today my wife and Bella will be joining me FINALLY in just a couple days.

Sunday, May 27, 2007


So today was my first church service at Seacoast Vineyard in MB, Sc. I know you are all on hinges ;) It went very well, Pastor Tim Holt preached about leaving a legacy and how our decisions matter to the future of history to our nation, state, churches, cities, families, etc.. at service i met a young boy Donte' have had cerebal palsy (youth leaders sound familiar?) i felt prompted by the Lord to go pray for him i did and he got :half healed: one leg straightened up, but his grandma had me pray for her and she did get fully healed of Arthritis in her knee, it was so bad she had to cook in a chair because she can't stand in her own strength.

God is good.
I believe God is going to start a legacy in our family down here.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Ask and you shall receive

I have now been here since Tuesday may 22nd at 10 pm est, and have had 2 job interviews and accepted 1 today so yes i have been here 3 days and already God opened up a door for a job. I will be working for BlueGreen Resorts as a salesman, but really i get to just kick it with locals and tourists paying for their dinners, going to shows, and then selling them on taking a tour of 1 of 4 resorts in MB. BTW, i get full beneys and can stay at ANY of their resorts for a week for $75 !!!!

Not bad for the God of the universe ey? C'mon Give Him Praise :)

Testimony; I pray specifically that we would raise enough money so I could drive the moving truck down here ( *Check*) I also prayed that i would secure a good job within the week and half before Bianca comes down ( *Check*).

Conclusion: God Loves me and my family and He is Well Able.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hi Everyone,

Greetings from the Church at Conway?! or er uhm well I made it Praise God! I will try very hard to post something every week. It is surreal for me being here even now, i mean, I'm here i've made it and yet i still feel like calling up connor or timothy and hanging out or praying or fighting :) I know that God has amazing things for us down here, and to all of you who read this for what it is worth, I am sorry, So many of you I feel now that i did not truly appreciate you or rather express fully my gratitude and so to the youth leadership, my closest friends, I will miss you utterly and will keep in touch.

Pray for me: Job, Adjust, Learn how to navigate the area quickly, build relationships and what ever the Lord puts on you hearts. Oh and oppurtunities to minister in other churches, especially Non Full Gospel ones.

Please email me any prayer requests you all might have.

Loving you all from afar, in the Spirit very near,


Saturday, April 28, 2007

So full can't empty?

So I concur with Lexi. I have been so busy it is easier to just read someone elses blog for 3 minutes rather than gather the 1000 thoughts i have and put it into some format you as the reader will not only enjoy but that makes sense. So far i have not succeeded :)

Garage Sale:
We are having a garage sale this weekend with lots of stuff and furniture so if you are interested please call us or come to maria's house. you can go to this link if you want to see some of the stuff.

I got to minister to a few people this last week, some of them were from the WCA, willow creek assoc. i was doing some chair massage for them. it was neat to be used of God in words of knowledge for them they were touched. again God used me today to minister words of wisdom to a Japanese client at my job. I feel alive and satisfied when God uses me like that.

I have been starting to go through the book of Daniel... Whoa... good stuff. 2 big impressions of the book so far, Daniel besides being a man of integrity and excellence knew his God!! and God is well able to humble the proud!

Lastly, I feel as though I need more of an outlet to teach. I do not think I am much of a preacher, but i know God has blessed me when i teach the word of God... Got Bible Questions? :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

All in love with You

All in love with You

Hands go up
Mouths open wide
Tears may fall
No Jesus coming down

I looked so far for you
And all You have to say
Is look no further
Child, Here I am

Praise goes up
Hearts open wide
Tears may fall
My Jesus comes down

Now I've come face to face
with Him who loves me
I will meet Him place to place
For all Eternity

Please, make all I am
All in love with You

I just woke up this morning 5 minutes ago and the Lord just dropped this little song in my spirit... enjoy and make up your own sounds.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Just a game? or a part of the devils infinite schemes to divide and conquer the people of God. A reflection not only of true american culture at its "best" but the human soul at its worst.

Monday, April 09, 2007

7 Doors open

I have often found a theme in the way God deals with me. I always seem to have 7 doors open and none of them shut. I picture the Lord inviting me in. I am at a point in my walk where i follow His voice. I know what direction it's coming from, but I'm not 100% which door to open. I mean i'm in the right country, state, city, street, building, wing, floor, but now there are these 7 doors and its like His voice just echoes up and down the hallway.
I could let fear grip me but, I know to press in and on. I could be hasty, but i also have found its better to wait on the Lord.

Allow me to be more specific: my wife, recently was pregnant and had an ectopic, or Tubal pregnancy, we had this once before and our dr.'s told us they REMOVED her left fallopian tube, only because of this information we took alternative more invasive more costly routes to try and perserve this remaining tube that has now ended up costing us in excess of $25k, this is a direct relation to the misinformation of our previous Dr., not to mention my wife nearly died because the other treatments didn't work and her tube ruptured causing bleeding into her abdomen, a potentially deadly position. Now we are left with a decision whether or not to sue for medical negligence or let it lie and pay the bills with the money we do not yet have...

The bible talks of offences, letting someone elses trespass go and not to be quick to sue, though it says do not be quick, doesn't say not at all, this is just one of my 7 doors.


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Heart Level

God has a way of showing us whats in our heart doesn't He? It's not the God is sadistic and just loves to point out our flaws, He simply Loves to point out where sin is lurking, hiding, and hindering us from true Love.

Several years ago, just a few months after I received Christ into my life a humble servant of God ,Steve Sampson who spoke a word over me that the enemy tries to build arguments and strongholds in my mind about why "its" not gonna work, but that the Song of the Lord would rise up in me. Now, I'll tell you as a new christian that was wierd for me to hear but i'll tell you this too, often when i pray i sing my prayers. lately God has been speaking to me in song, the bible says in Zep 3:17 The Lord your God is among you, as a strong saviour: he will be glad over you with joy, he will make his love new again, he will make a song of joy over you as in the time of a holy feast.

So anyway for those of you reading, especially Tami and Lexi, here is a song/poem i just wrote...

I will answer Your Love

Time is not for me

But You are

Taking my cares, Taking my fears

Taking me to Your side:

Breathing life, Breathing Love

Breathing You in to me

So whisper away Lord

I’ll heed Your Call

I’ll incline my ear O God

I will answer Your Love

Death is not for me

But You are

Speaking Truth, Speaking Love, Speaking to me:

Come to my house, Come to my Heaven, Come, Come my Beloved.

So speak those words

I’ll heed Your Call

I’ll set my heart to understand

I will answer Your Love

Friday, March 30, 2007

The Plot Thickens

This is a real photo of a real albino alligator it is not stock photography :)

The Plot Thickens

A breakdown of Nehemiah 6
Nehemiah- Consolation, Repentance of the Lord | Governor of Jerusalem
Sanballat- enemy in secret
Geshem/Gashmu- Rain Storm
Tobiah- The Lord is Good or goodness of God
Plain of ONO- Grief/Iniquity/ Strength

Historical Backgrounds:
On July 10, 586 B.C. The Babylonian forces of king Nebuchadnezzar broke through the northern wall of Jerusalem and led 100’s of thousands of Jews 700 miles to Babylon, the land of idolatry
The Jewish survivors were hauled across the Syrian Desert to Babylon, many of them perishing along the way. The Babylonians shackled captives on ankles and fish hooked their mouth (do not turn to the R or L). The Southern Kingdom of Judah had ceased to exist, the monarchy had ended and this marked the end of the First Temple Period.
Jerusalem was burned and the walls of the city were torn down. All military, civil and religious leaders were either executed or carried away into captivity. Isn’t it interesting how the devil wants to remove leadership; strike the shepherd and what happens? Only the poorest of the peasants of Judah were allowed to remain in the land which was by now a place of complete desolation. God always leaves a remnant, the meek shall inherit the earth.

Ezra just accomplished the spiritual establishment of the new community from being exiles, whereas Nehemiah gave it physical structure. Also he rebuilt it in record time 52 DAYS!

1st thing you need to understand: The devil wants to kill you, overwhelmed and CONSUMED w/ hate for us!

Enemy’s Attack- Joh 8:44 You are of the Devil as father, and the lusts of your father you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and did not abide in the truth because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks of his own, for he is a liar and the father of it.

2Co 2:11 that no advantage may be gained over us by Satan: for we are not ignorant of his devices.

4 Things devil does to us that we see from Nehemiah’s life
Read Neh.6:1-16

Investigate- Search for a flaws/weakness | see if you are a prime candidate
Funny how the devil tries to get you when the work is ALMOST done, just before God releases The Blessing.

Neh 6:1-2 | Sanballat- enemy secret | Sanballat ACTED like he cared- ‘hey let’s meet and work it out’

1Pe 5:8 Be sensible and vigilant, because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking someone he may devour; there are some heCAN’T

Untimely Death
Just a few months later (December 1956) Coe was hospitalized after he fell ill while holding a revival at Hot Springs, Arkansas. What Coe felt was just fatigue and exhaustion caused by his demanding schedule, was actually bulbar polio, and he succumbed to this disease in just a few weeks at Dallas Parkland Hospital, on December 16, 1956.

Interrogate- Question your relationship with Jesus and His authority
Meet among the plains of ONO. 6:2 devil wants to bring you to a level place of iniquity
Neh 6:6–Sent a letter accusing Neh of wanting to be a king

Gen 3 devil questioned adam and eve’s standing with God and God’s word and authority to them

Mat 4:3 And when the tempter came to Him, he said, If You are the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.

Intimidate- Try and knock you off your game through fear and lies

Neh 6:5 Then Sanballat sent his servant to me in the same way the fifth time with an open letter in his hand, in which was written,

Neh 6:6 It is reported among the nations, and Gashmu says it, that you and the Jews are thinking of rebelling, for this reason you build the wall, so that you may be their king, according to these words.

I Kings 19:1-3,9 Elijah

Eliminate- Ultimate goal is to Kill you or at least disqualify you in the race of faith or to break your legs so you can’t finish
Neh 6:10- logical, go into the house of God-same as Ehud King Eglon in Judges 3

John 10:10 The thief does not come except to steal and to kill and to destroy. I have come so that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

4 Things Nehemiah did to overcome:

1 When you are being investigated you better be a person of integrity, Nehemiah was known to be a man of integrity especially with God. Nehemiah was commissioned governor of Judah because of his high moral character

2 When you are being interrogated you better know who you are and know you are doing a great work. Neh6:3

3 When you are being intimidated you better be able to stand firm in Faith
5 times sent the SAME answer | Eph 6:13-14

4 When the devil is trying to eliminate you you better be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
Neh 6:10-14

These of course are the notes. so soon i will get a microphone and preach it and record it and podcast it so you all can hear it.

your are all lovely to the Lord

Thursday, March 29, 2007

India Support

Switch Youth Ministry Mission Trip 2007: India Aug 3rd- 18th

Dear Patron Blogger,

Many people today hear and see about the ill health, treatment, living quarters and general quality of life of India. Many people have a desire to do something about it. Maybe you don’t want to travel 24 hours across the world and endure the hot sun and lack of most commonalities but you want to do something…

Church in the Word’s vision is to make Jesus real to our local community and all over the world. It’s a church wholly dedicated to reaching the lost by equipping us to reach the world through missions. I cannot think of a better way to spend my summer then sharing the Gospel with others, and I know my life will be changed even more this time as well.

I am excited that God has called me to India again this year ‘07! Last year we saw the lame walk, blind see, deaf hear, and many salvations and blessed families. As some of you may know we put on a 3 day youth conference in Kurnool which was a great success and many of the Indian people encouraged in the Lord. This year our focus will be on village ministry, administering the power of God to people who have never seen white people before, 70% are illiterate of their own language, and uniting villages to the cause and person of Jesus Christ. We will be performing several dramas and street evangelism as well as a children’s VBS (vacation bible school) and teaching/preaching the Gospel.

India is located between the Middle East and China. My team will be based out of the city of Hyderabad, which is in the Southern part of India. We will begin with training at our Church August 1st and then will travel to India where each day we will present the Gospel. This trip will be very challenging, both physically and spiritually but I am excited to see God use me this summer to change the lives of many who have never heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Follow this link to see just one amazing miracle that happened while I was in India last year, this is me in the video, and please read the description to get more information about what exactly is going on in the video-

I will be leaving on August 3rd and returning home on August 18th. In the meantime I will be working hard to raise funds for my trip. The total cost of this trip is $3,000, which includes all expenses: airfare, accommodations, food and training.

I know that I cannot accomplish this work alone and I trust that God will provide the resources and finances necessary for me. I am asking you to partner with me by making a tax deductible gift towards this ministry endeavor.

I have several financial deadlines to meet: the first is June 15th when 50% is due. Any amount that you can give will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to support me in this exciting opportunity, please make checks payable to “Church in the Word” and return them in the envelope provided (also write my name in the memo area). Your donation is completely tax-deductible. Your support is an important part of seeing salvations on the field this summer. If you have any questions please contact me at 224-345-8080 or or visit for more information.

This is not just an opportunity to send Jeff Poms to India. I am giving God a way to bless you financially. When you sow into a fruitful ministry you’ll reap a blessing. God’s word says that when you sow into missions trip and become a “sender” you can reap the grace and blessing that is poured out on that work. So if 800 people come to Jesus because of you sending me there, the measure in which you give, it will be given back unto you.

Thank you so much for your time and consideration in partnering with me in the Ministry. I greatly appreciate your prayer and support! God Bless, Jeff Poms

Friday, March 23, 2007

Gods Standard

On my friend Lexi's Blog she comments on God's standard. Teaching from the Way of the Master teaches us that most ppl measure their "holiness" to themselves... I am a good person cuz i never killed anyone, then you ask them if they ever hated anyone they say yes and blawhh! got em. the point is that the bible says that every one in his own heart thinks he is good, it also says our best righteousness is like filthy used tampons to God!!! God's standard of good is MORAL PERFECTION.

Whats the point in my rant?

Knowing is only 1/2 the battle
to simply KNOW their is a higher standard is one thing to eagerly pursue, chase, drive, and press toward is quite another so again i ask...
where's the fire? what do you burn for? what are you hungry for? is your tongue cleaving to the roof of your mouth because you are so dehydrated of the Word? or are you thirsty for more of the satisfying, complete, perfect word of God....

Let us teach with all authority and power the doctrines and principles of the Kingdom of God.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Preachers Dorm

Well it is just interesting to me how this works sometimes. When I sit down of my own volition to "prepare/write" a message I just really have a hard time. However, if I am asked to preach or if someone simply asks me a question about the bible, I tell you you better have 1/2 an hour or better for me to answer you.

I can even explain the mechanics of preaching and how to prepare a message to others, yet when it is time for me to do it I find great difficulty.

I also find that I can get in preachy moods. These have all to do with how in the Word or not I am or have been. If I have really been in the Word I will be really preaching I can't help it, it just comes out. This can not result in others preaching to me it has to be personal revelation. I think God does this to me to keep me accountable.

Tuesdays we have been going through the Omega Course by Mick Bickle at IHOP KC, but tonight we are ending our study. My prayer is to rekindle what I used to call the "Preachers Dorm" This was a group of guys I lived with in Bible College that would tag team preach, worship, and then do altar calls. These were powerful times that I hope will once again be renewed on these Tuesday Nights. I also believe it will be a time for others to express their giftings.