Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Just a game? or a part of the devils infinite schemes to divide and conquer the people of God. A reflection not only of true american culture at its "best" but the human soul at its worst.

Monday, April 09, 2007

7 Doors open

I have often found a theme in the way God deals with me. I always seem to have 7 doors open and none of them shut. I picture the Lord inviting me in. I am at a point in my walk where i follow His voice. I know what direction it's coming from, but I'm not 100% which door to open. I mean i'm in the right country, state, city, street, building, wing, floor, but now there are these 7 doors and its like His voice just echoes up and down the hallway.
I could let fear grip me but, I know to press in and on. I could be hasty, but i also have found its better to wait on the Lord.

Allow me to be more specific: my wife, recently was pregnant and had an ectopic, or Tubal pregnancy, we had this once before and our dr.'s told us they REMOVED her left fallopian tube, only because of this information we took alternative more invasive more costly routes to try and perserve this remaining tube that has now ended up costing us in excess of $25k, this is a direct relation to the misinformation of our previous Dr., not to mention my wife nearly died because the other treatments didn't work and her tube ruptured causing bleeding into her abdomen, a potentially deadly position. Now we are left with a decision whether or not to sue for medical negligence or let it lie and pay the bills with the money we do not yet have...

The bible talks of offences, letting someone elses trespass go and not to be quick to sue, though it says do not be quick, doesn't say not at all, this is just one of my 7 doors.