Thursday, September 21, 2006

Pride and Joy

Hi Everyone! Meet Bella my 2.5 year old daughter. I wanted you to be able to see her because there is an awesome beauty that she possess which goes way beyond her cute little cheeks and smile.

This little beauty acts under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Ya, you heard it right she hears from the Holy Spirit. Several times with no prompting from either myself or my wife, Bella will say to me from the back of my car,

Daddy, put your seatbelt on PLEEEASE
to which I always reply thank you sweetheart.

It is interesting to observe the differences in children, you can see those who are well spoken, behaved, etc... vs. the chaotic, loud, miscreatents that roam over their parents authority or lack there of. So I am proud of our daughter and the creative measure God goes through to show me through her how much I am His pride and Joy even more so than she is mine.