Thursday, December 27, 2007

Making an Impact

We are born with a sense to do something great. I don't know anyone who would have said at 4 or 5 years old, "I never want to do anything for anybody" "I never want to accomplish something to leave my mark on the world".

Having said that, there are millions of people who say things like that. So what happens between 4 and whatever age that started?

Damage. I am starting to be able to concur with Paul who said he found the secret to being content in all things whether poor or rich, clothed or naked, etc... and further James who says that if you endure trial there will be a crown of life granted to us. Much like you may be able to imagine the sheer force and impact that this asteroid would have on this planet I see 2 perspectives.
1. the asteroid strikes the planet and wipes out a huge section of life...

Hope. I also know that the reason why anyone ultimately does any good in "this" life is because of hope. Hope of making a difference, a lasting change, their mark on "mankind". Paul tells us in Romans that hope is the reason we perserve and it builds character.
2. We can be the asteroid making the impact

We get hit with asteroids in our lives, name-calling, offenses, unmet expectations, tragedies, accidents, death, debt, taxes, etc... when these events happen we have a choice to lay down in front of the asteroid or be a much larger asteroid and impact the one coming at us. (I know the sentence doesn't flow well. deal with it :)

God told joshua He set before him life and death and that he should choose life. He said this because the default is death you already have it, but we must choose life, resist the forces that come against us and conquer those things which have been set to impact us and to then turn it all around and impact those things.

We really need to trust God for His protection and provision, thank Jesus for our redemption and forgiveness, and embrace the power of the Holy Spirit to move on from that which ties(d) us down. will you make an impact? or will you be impacted?

I John 5:5- who is it that overcomes the world?
none but he who believes in the Son of God!