Friday, May 25, 2007

Ask and you shall receive

I have now been here since Tuesday may 22nd at 10 pm est, and have had 2 job interviews and accepted 1 today so yes i have been here 3 days and already God opened up a door for a job. I will be working for BlueGreen Resorts as a salesman, but really i get to just kick it with locals and tourists paying for their dinners, going to shows, and then selling them on taking a tour of 1 of 4 resorts in MB. BTW, i get full beneys and can stay at ANY of their resorts for a week for $75 !!!!

Not bad for the God of the universe ey? C'mon Give Him Praise :)

Testimony; I pray specifically that we would raise enough money so I could drive the moving truck down here ( *Check*) I also prayed that i would secure a good job within the week and half before Bianca comes down ( *Check*).

Conclusion: God Loves me and my family and He is Well Able.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hi Everyone,

Greetings from the Church at Conway?! or er uhm well I made it Praise God! I will try very hard to post something every week. It is surreal for me being here even now, i mean, I'm here i've made it and yet i still feel like calling up connor or timothy and hanging out or praying or fighting :) I know that God has amazing things for us down here, and to all of you who read this for what it is worth, I am sorry, So many of you I feel now that i did not truly appreciate you or rather express fully my gratitude and so to the youth leadership, my closest friends, I will miss you utterly and will keep in touch.

Pray for me: Job, Adjust, Learn how to navigate the area quickly, build relationships and what ever the Lord puts on you hearts. Oh and oppurtunities to minister in other churches, especially Non Full Gospel ones.

Please email me any prayer requests you all might have.

Loving you all from afar, in the Spirit very near,