Monday, October 15, 2007

Naturally Supernatural- Walking in the SPirit

This again is something close to my heart just living my life for Christ keeping an inclined ear to what He wants to do and is doing. Rather than telling God my plans and hoping He agrees enough to throw a "blessing" my way, I should be concerned with disciplining myself to hear God's voice and being a sheep, which is remarkably easier.

Today as i was "deep" in prayer something just came out of my mouth that was like " Lord just teach me to live and walk in the Spirit". Gal. tells us that if we walk in the spirit we will Not fulfill the lust of the flesh. its kind of like a duh statement but it really hit me today. So the cry of my spirit is to walk in the spirit, to be baptized again and again in the spirit, and to live abide in the spirit, so that like Jesus i will not be tricked, swindled, confused, given to fits of rage, envy, strife, dischord and the like but filled without measure with all of the power and resource of Heaven! someone say amen :)