Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'm back. Now what?

So I just came back from what was the single most defining moment(s) in my life. It surpassed all expectation. And all I want to do is go back. All I want to do is go and help these people who are illiterate, destitute, and broken but most of all they are hungry. The devil really has been working on me and my family since I've come home, attacking relationship, my car, especially our finances. Things are "looking" pretty bleak but I know my God. So I won't fear or doubt but I will press on towards the Goal in Christ Jesus.

I can now say I've seen almost everything in the Bible come alive, Lame walk, Blind See, Deaf Hear, all kinds of sickness and diseases healed, demonic spirits commanded out of people. the only couple things i didn't see were dead raised and mute speaking. But there will be other trips :)

Even though all these miraculous things were happening I never once "felt" the anointing come over me, no tingles or goose bumps it truly was the work of the ministry for the sake of the people, not mine/our ego(s). No one in the villages will say I had Jeff Poms come and pray for me, who the heck is Jeff Poms...

But last night our church had an all night prayer session, and few and rare moments have i felt so close to the true presence of God, I even commented to myself, as deep as I want to go, as thick as I want it to get there is more, not just enough but More. Now I want to go back in I want more than anything to See God, Feel God, Know God.

I keep wishing, not really praying, that God would just send some rich texan to wipe out all my debt so i could be loosed to do the work of the ministry full time. But I know that is not God's way, and He is calling me to perservere in my business to become what He wants me to be so that I might be conformed to His image not me conforming to my image.

well amen God will do it but even if He does not deliver me in this vaporous life I will never bow down and serve you satan!