Thursday, February 14, 2008


The Lord has really been dealing with me about this intentionality thing. It is supposed to permeate all of our lives in all aspects of our lives. Take this lionness, whose chief responsibility in regards to her lion cubs is to HUNT. Hunting is intentional, you pick your audience, size them up, you know their strengths and weakness, and habits, etc. Then you chose your timing, night time when guards are down or at the watering hole when your subject is weaker and parched. All her preparation and planning pays off- KILL and food is on the table.

We also need to be intentional, in our relationships- friends, family, spouse, or co-workers. In our work, play, schooling, and ministry. Desire begets purpose, purpose begets intentionality, and intentionality begets planning, planning begets the result you desired.

God has been using this mentoring and preaching class as an opportunity to re-prioritize my desires shifting my focus breeding new intentionality giving birth to the results that avail much in my life with less stress and energy wasted.

Be intentional, pray and ask God to show this to you and meditate on it. 1 pet 5:8 there is a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, he is intentional will you be more so?