Friday, December 07, 2007

Spiritual, Mystic, Authentic

The last several weeks I have contemplated some simple notions if you will. For years people have been fascinated with death, after-life, and SuperHero figures. The above image is in the top search results on google images if you search massage therapy. Personally i don't see how this image has anything to portrait in massage therapy but yet it represents 70% + of all logos and marketing/advertising for massage therapist. But it is not limited to my field of massage. Doctors- Chiropractic, Nutritional, Naprapathic, Acupuncturist all alike. I have been asking myself what Anyone would in their right mind see someone who said their "qi" "chi" "ki" is out of line or blocked. here we have an invisible force that science has not yet really proven to exist on an imperical level. Yet so many are willing to believe some quack doctor (not all are quacks) that if they would let them put a crystal and play some music that your headaches will go away. or if i stick you with needles in just the right way time and "diagnosis" we can cure and heal cancers.

Obviously these are people who have stumbled on biblical principles of the spiritual realm of which we only know in part - that is, the natural realm- how can we as christians appropriate and harness this "energy healing" power without compromising our true faith? and then is it possible? Is it simply a matter of who is wielding the sword if it will be used to murder or protect?

I believe we can through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Authentic power. Bring 'em on I say. Let's go to the cafe's and the bookstores and the psychics and spiritual advisor's and take over their jobs. why are christians so afraid of this witchcraft? why are we so timid about the true power that will set a generation free? Why shouldn't we approach the guy at the table with a necronomicon or wiccan book or transcendental meditation