Monday, May 12, 2008


I know it has been and probably will again be a long time since i posted, but I have been thinking about this and the main reason I haven't been writing much is the 55+ hours a week i have been working. I had three employees this week tell me i was "wasting" away. Another lady told me i was going to burn out if i kept trying to do everyone elses job. In case you all don't know i am the General Manager at Chick Fil A in Conway, Sc :)

This got me thinking about what the Word says. I remembered the Faith of the Centurion. He mentioned that He understood Jesus' delegated authority because he was under the same. Jesus had authority from the Father (the ultimate source), Jesus delegated it to us. God the Father entrusted His authority in the One who earned and He in turn gave it to us so He could spread the authority to all parts of the earth.

Delegation allows the same authority and or power to be exercised in several different locations so as to maximize the kingdom borders.

just thoughts...