Monday, March 03, 2008


It occurred to me today that 3 weeks ago I sent out a "most sincere" prayer to my Heavenly Daddy. It was like most of us a financial help request. I wanted money to fix my scooter, pay my bills this month, attend a marriage seminar, and a financial course. All in the same month this is a couple grand and we don't normally make this much, but Daddy is generous. Yesterday He supplied a free pass to the marriage seminar, and 2 unexpected massage engagements that yielded over $900 in 1 day!! wOW!

Sometimes it is easy to forget what God has done, perhaps this is why He setup so many memorials, and feasts, and festivals so His people would remember what He did for them. Or like when Jesus told His disciples when trying to cast out a demon saying " if only you would have remembered the bread" if they would have remembered Jesus feeding 10-15000 people they surely would have had "enough" faith to cast a demon out...

so remember God IS Faithful even when we are not.