Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Key Ingredient: Truth

Lexi's Blog was just 1 of 4 confirmations of what God has been speaking to my heart. That If we will just let God be God we can get out of the way so people can see Jesus. the bible talks about this when it says 'lift up the Son of Man and they will believe' just as Moses was told to lift up the "cross" with the bronze serpent and all would be healed so all those who truly look (and see) Jesus will get eternal life with Him.

Pastor Tim Holt
put it like this; Our theological debates about how many angels can stand on the head of a pin and are we post mid or pre trib or is there a 2nd work of grace- the baptism in the holy spirit? these debates muck up the water of the word that washes away the worlds programming. it makes Jesus less clear and the concerns of the world magnified. our "job" of evangelism harder.

But like John wrote the Truth will set you free, Jesus is the Truth, we need to lift Him up. Above the confusion of the world, the bad theology of the church, and let people see Jesus lifted high, then THEN they will fall in love with HIm!

we need to lift Him high in our lives and get out of the way with our personal agendas.

I really like what Lexi said ""That's not it, Eric. I'm not trying to decide whether or not I agree with it, it's whether or not it's true."

If it was true, then I was wrong and I could fix that. It would be painful, but not as painful as what I'd seen. If that Man really did take my place then I owed Him something.


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