Thursday, February 07, 2008

Beyond the Veil- New Outline

VLI Session 3- Audience: The Vineyard

Title: Beyond the Veil

Thesis Statement: Jesus went where we couldn’t go so we could have what we couldn’t get

Purpose Statement: This message is designed to encourage the listener to approach God no matter what their condition.

Intro: The priest reverently and ceremonially washes his hands. Then prepares his robe and arranges in place the ephod, the breastplate with the thummim and urim; The Truth and The Fire. A long rope is fashioned about his waist and bells at the hem of his robe. One last prayer is offered up to the Most High before he enters the Holy of Holies- the very presence of God. He trembles and takes a deep breath and enters beyond the veil on behalf of the people.

Explain: This responsibility was unique to the High Priest who only once a year would make several specific sacrifices for himself and all the children of Israel for their sin. The Holy of Holies contained the very presence of God. This is the reason they fashioned the rope about his waist and the bells at the hem of his robe because if the Priest who entered did not prepare himself and the sacrifices properly, he would die. The people would hear the bells ringing indicating movement and that the priest was still alive, but in the unfortunate event he died they would use the rope to pull him out from the Holy of Holies since they themselves could not enter.

But now, Jesus, our High Priest, went where we couldn’t go so we could have what we couldn’t get on our own.

Heb 4:14 Having then a great high priest, who has made his way through the heavens, even Jesus the Son of God, let us be strong in our faith.

Heb 4:15 For we have not a high priest who is not able to be touched by the feelings of our feeble flesh; but we have one who has been tested in all points as we ourselves are tested, but without sin.

Heb 4:16 Then let us come near to the seat of grace without fear, so that mercy may be given to us, and we may get grace for our help in time of need.

I. Where we couldn’t go- Beyond the Veil

a. Mat 27:51 Suddenly, the curtain in the temple was split in two from top to bottom. The earth shook, and the rocks were split open. Signify 2 things

i. Boundary between God and people removed

ii. God’s Presence-the Holy Spirit was no longer bound to geographic location

1. Rom 5:5 and I Cor 6:19

iii. Also not all were born of a priestly line. Access to God was limited to a select people

b. Fact still remains- No one can stand in the presence of God and live

i. Exo 33:20 But you can't see my face, because no one may see me and live."

ii. Today is no different, we still need to die, that is to our flesh to experience more and more of the depth of all God has for us. Gal 2:20, Luke 9:23, Jn 3:30

c. There is more than what we see in part now as Paul says, we can experience God, now- at church, at home, in your car, on a camping trip, during a fight with your spouse, when the rent is due, when sickness attacks your house or when you get a promotion, when you receive an answer to prayer, when God showers you with His Love just because.

But now, Jesus, our High Priest, went where we couldn’t go so we could have what we couldn’t get on our own.

II. What we couldn’t get on our own- Access to God without Fear

a. Even High Priest of old had to take precautions to enter because of fear of a Holy God

i. Sacrifices, Specific Garments, Washing, Prayers

b. We are sometimes like the High Priest, we understand a little that we have a position or certain entitlement with God but we fear intimacy with Him. Most of us know we have access to God, but most of us believe on some level conscious or not that there is a string

i. Good Works- Ps 7:11

1. Money to the church, helping old ladies across the street, spiritual disciplines

ii. Shame Guilt Fear

1. if we haven’t “performed” well God will not accept me or answer my prayers

c. God Changed the system- the Cross, a new covenant, relationship

i. The Cross- The Gospel-Good News! John 3:16-17

ii. A New Covenant

Heb 8:6 But now He has obtained a far superior sacred service, to the degree that He is also Mediator of a better covenant, which has been enacted on better promises.

Heb 8:7 For if that first [covenant] was faultless, a place would not have been sought for a second.

Heb 8:8 For finding fault with them [i.e. the people], He says, "Listen! [The] days are coming, says the LORD, and I will establish a new covenant over the house of Israel and over the house of Judah,

Heb 8:9 not according to the covenant which I made with their fathers, in [the] day of My having taken [them] by their hand to bring them out of [the] land of Egypt, because they did not continue in My covenant, and _I_ disregarded them, says the LORD.

Heb 8:10 "Because this [is] the covenant which I will covenant with the house of Israel after those days, says the LORD, giving My laws into their mind, and I will inscribe them on their hearts [fig., in their inner selves], and I will be to them for a God, and they will be to Me for a people.

Heb 8:11 "And by no means shall they teach each his fellow-citizen, and each his brother [and sister], saying, 'Know the LORD,' because all will know Me from [the] least of them to [the] greatest.

Heb 8:12 "For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins and their lawlessness deeds I shall by no means remember anymore." [Jer 31:31-34]

Heb 8:13 By the saying "new," He has made the first obsolete. Now the one becoming obsolete and growing old [is] on the verge of disappearing.

iii. Relationship-the new system 1Jn 4:18 No fear exists where his love is. Rather, perfect love gets rid of fear, because fear involves punishment. 1Jn 1:9

Rom 8:1 Consequently, [there is] now no condemnation to the [ones] in Christ Jesus, [who] do not walk about [fig., conduct themselves] according to flesh, _but_ according to [the] Spirit

Rom 8:33 Who will say anything against the saints of God? It is God who makes us clear from evil;

Rom 8:34 Who will give a decision against us? It is Christ Jesus who not only was put to death, but came again from the dead, who is now at the right hand of God, taking our part.

But now, Jesus, our High Priest, went where we couldn’t go so we could have what we couldn’t get on our own.

III. Close

a. So what must we conclude? What does this mean for us? What should I do now?

i. Jesus IS the Christ the son of God and He alone is able to make us clean –

Eph 1:6 to the praise of the glory of His grace, in which He has made us accepted in the One having been loved.

ii. We can approach God in whatever condition we come In Christ

iii. Enter BOLDLY into God’s presence to seek help in time of need!


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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Spirit moving

This is definitely one of the cooler buttons i found on Lexi's website
I think that this could really be the beginning of a movement in the spirit of god that is going to be released in the next 4-5 years. A movement awayto. Away from complacency, religion and the things of this age and an exodus, an ushering in to brokenness, relationship and a mindfulness of eternity. May God have His way!

Let us not life our souls to another let us not put off tomorrow what we through faith in God could do today!

Leave Laodicea and move into a place with God where its not church as usual but where the supernatural happens, where the addict gets set free, where the pauper becomes a prince (person of influence), where the hooker gets free, where the christian can worship in Spirit and Truth, where GOD GETS HIS WAY- ALL THE TIME! we can start today by listening and obeying the voice of the Lord choice by choice.