Friday, June 15, 2007

Apostles of Faith in our Time

These Young and Seasoned men and women of God are the pioneers in my life who believed in me when I wanted to quit. Who drew out courage when all I knew was fear. Who after time and time again of failings picked me up and showed me how its done. Above all, they never quit on me and never let me quit on me.

In our lives we go through periods where when younger we think we know everything, then as we age we begin to realize the magnitude of the world and how little we know about some certain things, and then I think some of us find that except for God's Grace, we comprehend so very little.

Of course as Einstein would argue it's all relative, but I am rambling a little bit and the point of this entry is to appreciate those gone before me, those who helped make my crooked path straight, and encouraging me to pour into others lives. We never fully know for we only now in part until we see Him fully then we are fully known.

So find someone to help pour into your life the gold nuggets that God has shown them and grab someone else "weaker" in the faith and strengthen them to be bolder and stronger than you.


Anonymous said...

So true - we are honored to be part of your life and we miss you guys!!
PS. Happy Fathers Day!!

Tami said...

awww. :) oh, and neev-o says "drrrblthpppp....ppppphhhhthh....agjeeee...da da...da da da."