Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting Up

(Don't know why I chose this pic, but love you Dad)

A new theme is arising in my life as of late: Get Up!

In basically every arena of my life. Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, Socially, Financially, etc...
As some of you may know couple years ago Bianca and I ventured on a quest for health (not necessarily just to loose weight), we accomplished our goal and consequently lost 140 lbs combined. However over the last several months the weight has crept up and i am basically back at my starting weight [around 190]. This has made it difficult to get up in the morning

Mentally I am beginning to be lethargic, Financially I can ONLY go up :), Socially I am losing a desire of starting any relationships because what I am really seeking is someone to pour into my life not Just pour into others. Spiritually I have fallen, no guys not apostate or heretic, but just feel myself losing fervor and momentum.

I know what I would tell other people in my situation, Fast, Get in the Word, Press in to Christ, Keep getting up, Don't Give up and these I am doing. I just have been asking the Holy Spirit for a fresh fire and fresh annointing because in my own strength I am ready to lie down and rest for a bit. But the enemy is always about, no time to be lax.


I Ravish His Heart said...

That sucks... I know what ur feeling. It's the worst. I really don't have any advice, sorry. So, when are you guys coming back. (I know that you guys were just kidding when you said you were "moving" away for "good") (Don't worry though I'll keep it on the DL). Seriously though... when are you guys coming home to good ol Crystal Lake and stop "pretending" you have moved away. I know you guys are just on a little vacation...