Thursday, June 14, 2007

Beat Down

Ah, it's in times like these when the Holy Spirit speaks to you and gently reminds you saying " You did pray and ask to be more humble, to see me more, to know My ways". Only what I failed to remember is that His choice method of working out the kinks as it were is purging by fire. Oh He will take you through the fire and you won't be burned, as long as you die.
So I have been stepping out for the Lord lately and this last week has been a beat down. Yes don't worry friends I will get back up, I always do.

I will keep pressing towards the goal, keep running to win the race, for I know the crown in which I desire will be an incorruptible crown.


Anonymous said...

That's it Jeff...keep pressing on. We miss you, love you and are praying for you. All of you look wonderful. Keep posting pics. I love seeing them as well as reading your postings. Loretta

God's Love Changed Everything said...

I love you.
And Jesus will see you through this.

I personally think that during these times of trial you sound much more focused, succinct, in expressing your faith. You impress me a lot how you come through these times, and although its an ugly road, you hold your head up high.

A true son of the King.


Tami said...

"...pressed but not crushed, persecuted not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed..."

Mari said...

Go Jeff Go!! As Pastor says - "Lets say it together "ALL" things. That's right - ALL things work together..."

The Academy Against Apathy said...

Dear brother I would encourage you to read and study 2 Cor 6 the whole chapter. especially what is titled the marks of the ministry. There is a word study in there. It's very good. P.S. Lex and I will not be able to make it over tonite after practice, cause you live on the otherside of town now.
We love you guys. Hope to see you soon. Catch a shark and an Aligator for me buddy........Don't tell Bianca.

The Academy Against Apathy said...

actually more specifically 2 Cor 6:4-10 verse five in the amplified starts with the word beatings.

God's Love Changed Everything said...

I can't believe it! A shark AND an alligator? That's not funny!
As it is, Jeff jumped at the opportunity to kill a half-buried snake in the backyard, only to find out it was a vicious, poisonous lizard. Great. I get so excited when he gets close to dangerous, poisonous animals.

Start blogging, sir!

The Academy Against Apathy said...

Really, a poisonous lizard?! I'm not aware of any poisonous Lizards in the Carolinas.Hmmmmmmm time to study up on my herpetology for your region.... So it must have been a Gila Monster ( which I doubt ) or a Mexican Bearded Lizard, which is part of the Gila monster family. They both have a bite the emits a (strong enough) Nuerotoxin. Awsome. However they are both slow and cumbersome creatures. Next time take pictures before exterminate please. I will blog when I feel I can control my thoughts and accuratley literate what I'm learning Via the Holy Spirit. I'm not a savy an author as the rest of the lot.
Take care.

God's Love Changed Everything said...

Well, all I know is that the older lady next door came out when we yelled snake, and when we told her it was a lizard instead she sucked her teeth and said, "Oh, dem ones are nasty! You bet watch out! Dey will attack you!"
I listen to the old lady next door. I believe her.
My mom just looked it up and it was a five lined skink, believed to be venemous, but not.

Perhaps I am just missing this wonderful dialogue we have... you don't need to blog so long as we get to talk via comments. :)

The Academy Against Apathy said...

nice.......a skink. NO skinks are poinsonous in America. Don't kill skinks, they're cool little guys. was it a legless skink? or just a real long one? maybe you should just comment on my page. so we don't bog down Jeff's blog. Don't wanna bog the blog y'know. Oh by the way. I dig the quote from the lady next door. I could totally visualize that. Dear Jeff, Hello by the way. And sorry for taking your comment page hostage. By the way, your wife monitors your blog. So I promise not to discuss any plans for our safari. OH and if your interested......Church in the Word is hosting an EXTREME missions trip to the unreached in the Jungles of Costa Rica. Where the bot fly lays eggs in your head, fish will swim up your manhood if you pee in the water and a very poisonous and tempermantal viper like to just randomly bite humans. Sounds like a blast. I don't know if pastor knows about the fauna there but it still sounds like a blast.