Saturday, November 10, 2007

Some possible songs...

I will answer Your Love

Time is not for me

But You are

Taking my cares, Taking my fears

Taking me to Your side:

Breathing life, Breathing Love

Breathing You in to me

So whisper away Lord

I’ll heed Your Call

I’ll incline my ear O God

I will answer Your Love

Death is not for me

But You are

Speaking Truth, Speaking Love, Speaking to me:

Come to my house, Come to my Heaven, Come, Come my Beloved.

So speak those words

I’ll heed Your Call

I’ll set my heart to understand

I will answer Your Love



Though we’re born in iniquity

And our soul be bent

You shed Your Blood so freely

That we could repent

We’ve been stained with sin

A scarlet bond was made

But He was pierced and bruised and striped

To break us of our chains

Have you any sick?

Have you any poor?

Have you any hungry?

We have His Name and more

We call fire from Heaven

He’s the Bread of Life- the unleavened

O Lover of our Soul

It’s only You we want to know

Exchanged from darkness to light

Scarlet garments to robes of white

He paid the greatest price

To be with us for life

No more debts to pay…

Not to me

Not to them

Not to You

Because I am Redeemed X4