Monday, November 05, 2007

The great divide

What makes a hero or heroine? what makes the difference between Abraham and Lot? or David and Goliath? or Joseph and his brothers? For that matter where is the line between lunacy and genius? There is a great divide. We need to see the trial for what it is not what it wants us to believe.
Here are a few points:
A hero has a call to adventure with a guardian or peril at the beginning that they must overcome or persuade to enter into the adventure.
A hero meets a guide or gains a companion who is with them through the adventure.
The hero faces many trials and adversaties.
The hero then faces the great enemy. The hero must find a way to overcome the enemy.
The hero survives the aftermath of defeating the enemy.
The hero returns home bringing with him or her a key or a gift for those left behind.

It's like my freshman english teacher used to ask, "How's your day, Jeff?" I'd say "good" and he'd say " How do you know?" I used to always shrug my shoulders and then one day he explained. You wouldn't know a good day if it weren't for bad days, and likewise a perfect day from the worst day.

In the spiritual realm we face this on a daily if not moment by moment basis. The difference in Peter when 3 times he denied the Lord and then later became one of the most powerful spiritual leaders in the early church? -The Holy Spirit- He is what can make us see a mountain and Want to cast it into the see, to give us the boldness to look into the eyes of the world and say you don't scare me anymore, let's rumble. Greater is the one in me than the one in the world. My Jesus is with me to the end of the age through the person of the Holy Spirit and I will trust in Him and His word never fails therefore all hell and its legions must tremble in my presence because I bring with me the kingdom of God wherever I trod my foot and i can expect a few sore heels from all the stompin on serpeants heads!

So plainly the Holy SPirit gives a new persepctive on the battlefield like Samson, no longer was it just 3000 phillistines against one man, it was 1 silly nation who was "dissing" the God of the universe whom Samson had a covenant and he just gave to God what he had and He used him with great power and WON!

You are that Hero/Heroine today, therefore Arise!