Monday, August 27, 2007

Worthy or Unworthy?

This is my daughter Bella. Of course. We recently went to Bath&Body Works with my parents and Bella picked up this adorable little ducky. She asked for the ducky to which I replied, Sorry sweetie we don't have money for this right now. she responded with You have to go to work and make the money so we can give it to the lady and we will buy the ducky? and i said yes honey thats right.

She has no real concept of money, but she knew she was valuable to me and worthy enough to approach me and ask for what she wanted.

I was remembering a conversation I had with a young woman several years ago. I had just become a Christian maybe 5-6 months and was working at a large chiropractic firm doing mall screenings (health screenings). This woman came into my booth and sat down filled out our questionnaire and under occupation proudly displayed exotic dancer. I asked this young woman if she had thought this through. She hastily replied yes. I went on to enlighten her about the weight her occupation would carry on her resume. She mentioned to me she was going to go to law school and was saving for that occasion. I asked her what she would put down on her resume for the last 5-7 years that she had been a "dancer". She said she never thought about it. We then got discussing about God. She related she did not feel worthy to approach God or receive anything from Him. I told her I could settle it for her- "You are not worthy." I said emphatically. We are truly all sinners but because God's grace, mercy, justice, and love for us, He sent Jesus by whom we can have access to the Father.

I hear people say things like, 'No don't look at me I'm just a worm, it's all Jesus' 'I don't want to boast in myself it is Jesus' Now i suppose these statements are not entirely wrong but it procreates a defeatist mentality. We are no mere worm, we are the chosen elect sons of the Most High whom by His will and desire Fashioned us in His image and likeness that we also ought to bare His strength, wisdom, glory, love, truth, honor, mercy, generosity and He leads us in a triumphant march!



Lex said...

I met a woman in ... um ... another town recently who told me she's Hindu, but when she really needs something she asks Jesus and He always comes through. I asked why, then, she was still Hindu. She told me she wants to follow Jesus, but she feels she's not good enough. She knows she's not strong enough to "live a good life," so until she figures out how, she can't become a Christian.

I told her most of those same things and after a little conversation she got it and gave her life to Jesus.

I also (if I can just dominate the comments section, here) really like a story Tami told the worship team once about a pastor who would always defray compliments with statements like, "Oh, it's all Jesus." One congregant complimented a message one morning, got the above response from the pastor, and replied, "Well, it wasn't THAT good." This to communicate that if you do well, it's okay to take a compliment.

I'm done now.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the true signals of humility is being able to process a compliment well. We are so mis-trained in how to respond. God is good and we get to work with Him. I heard once that people are often trying to give praise to God when they offer a compliment but they don't have the language to express it; so it comes out as praise to us. If we can hear it in that way, we can bless God and, once again, enjoy the priviledge of being allowed to work side-by-side with Him. Mike I.

Loretta said...

I was complimented a while back on the success of a meeting I planned and replied oh so truthfully, "it was totally God". This person proceeded to tell me that he understood how God comes through for us in the harvest, but that someone has to plant the field.

Now I am a little more careful how I respond to a compliment like that. I know that I know that without God I couldn't do half the things I do...just ask my husband. However, the "impressive" things I do accomplish, is a testimony of God's strength being made perfect in my weakness. When I surrender myself to His working and let Him take over, I think He likes that I'm complimented and it doesn't take a thing away from Him.