Monday, September 03, 2007

Clarify climbing the mountain

Bianca earlier today brought it to my attention that i am not the best communicator when i write things but here goes in response to my last post we were NOT "kicked out" or anything crazy like that, Marta(Bianca's Mom) has been spectacular its just some things fell through and now the "plan" has changed we are all still doing well and expect to have a place to live in the next week as we are already dilligent in finding a home


Tami said...

dig. good to know! :) we heart marta!

Anonymous said...

We had the whole scenario scripted and ready to perform. Our version is nothing like what really happened, though. Ours is way more dramatic! (Especially the part with the steak knives...) Mike I.

Tami said...

ha ha ha...ooooooh. man. that mike.

he's exaggerating.

(but only slightly)