Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Bike Ride

Yesterday my wife and I took Bella for a little walk to look at a house for rent within our little subdivision. Bianca asked Bella if she wanted to ride her bike. I was a bit surprised since she usually can't even make it go forward (though in her defense its uphill in a grassy area in the backyard).

Truly it is probably only a quarter mile or half mile to where we were going, but it took about 20-30 minutes to get there. I have been feeling generally impatient with Bella lately anyway so this wasn't helping. As she "rode" her bike she just wouldn't pay attention to what she was doing and ended up in the middle of the road, fortunately it's not real busy but we kept telling her get to the shoulder/side. She would for like a few seconds and then sure enough veer into the middle again.

Frustrated as I was, I was also proud of her. Listening to Bianca say "you're doin' a great job honey, keep at it" was humbling moment for me. I thought to myself, what if God were as impatient with me as I am with Bella- I'd be in heaven right now... I have been thinking a lot lately about mercy and patience (and GOd is giving lots of oppurtunities to get it right). Giving people room to make mistakes and instead of beating them down for it, using it as a springboard for encouragement and growth...

Thank you Lord for Your mercy and long suffering in my life.


The Academy Against Apathy said...

I'm with you man.....for the most part. I've not had the pleasure of my own flesh and blood child. I think I would either be more merciful or possibly less. Depending on my expectations. I really believe that God is molding me into the Father He intended me to be and I've always wanted to be. I think that's in part why i've been called to the youth ministry. He's sooooo loving it humbles me to know that He finds me worthy enough to speak into their lives and then use them to help better me as a future father. It blows my mind how Awesome He is. He really does provide. So be encouraged and live in eternity not just the moment. I love you man. This was a great post.