Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Heart Level

God has a way of showing us whats in our heart doesn't He? It's not the God is sadistic and just loves to point out our flaws, He simply Loves to point out where sin is lurking, hiding, and hindering us from true Love.

Several years ago, just a few months after I received Christ into my life a humble servant of God ,Steve Sampson who spoke a word over me that the enemy tries to build arguments and strongholds in my mind about why "its" not gonna work, but that the Song of the Lord would rise up in me. Now, I'll tell you as a new christian that was wierd for me to hear but i'll tell you this too, often when i pray i sing my prayers. lately God has been speaking to me in song, the bible says in Zep 3:17 The Lord your God is among you, as a strong saviour: he will be glad over you with joy, he will make his love new again, he will make a song of joy over you as in the time of a holy feast.

So anyway for those of you reading, especially Tami and Lexi, here is a song/poem i just wrote...

I will answer Your Love

Time is not for me

But You are

Taking my cares, Taking my fears

Taking me to Your side:

Breathing life, Breathing Love

Breathing You in to me

So whisper away Lord

I’ll heed Your Call

I’ll incline my ear O God

I will answer Your Love

Death is not for me

But You are

Speaking Truth, Speaking Love, Speaking to me:

Come to my house, Come to my Heaven, Come, Come my Beloved.

So speak those words

I’ll heed Your Call

I’ll set my heart to understand

I will answer Your Love


Tami said...

that's beautiful, jeffly. and who took that awesome photo of you and bianca? was that down in MB?

hmmm...may have to "steal" those lyrics, with credit. open for it?

The Academy Against Apathy said...

I think it's fantastic. Becuase it's naked and real.

The Academy Against Apathy said...

don't be put out if I don't publish your comments. I will read and reveiw all responses and respond myself. But I'm really just putting stuff out there to let people into some of me. In a more subjective format. It won't be a pulpit for me. Merely reminders I can observe and judge and say......is this really me or am I putting up a front again. I desire to one as My Father is one.

But thank you for the comment and I ment what I said. Out of all that I've seen of yours, I really think this one is tops.

The Academy Against Apathy said...

Oh and thank your for letting me ride your goped.

Anonymous said...

Those are definitely some beautiful lyrics Jeff.

I Ravish His Heart said...

Hey those lyrics are fantastic. I was thinking about writing something for SWITCH with those lyrics... Would you be up for that?