Sunday, May 27, 2007


So today was my first church service at Seacoast Vineyard in MB, Sc. I know you are all on hinges ;) It went very well, Pastor Tim Holt preached about leaving a legacy and how our decisions matter to the future of history to our nation, state, churches, cities, families, etc.. at service i met a young boy Donte' have had cerebal palsy (youth leaders sound familiar?) i felt prompted by the Lord to go pray for him i did and he got :half healed: one leg straightened up, but his grandma had me pray for her and she did get fully healed of Arthritis in her knee, it was so bad she had to cook in a chair because she can't stand in her own strength.

God is good.
I believe God is going to start a legacy in our family down here.


Lex said...

We're at church taking apart the stage after Power Team (the boys are), and I shouted, "Jeffy's healing people in South Carolina." Dave responds, "Already?"

Is that the Seacoast that's a satelite church?

Anonymous said...

Praise God! First Sunday there and you are already leaving a legacy!