Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Wars, Battles, and Scars

So I realize that as of late my posts have been shall we say, less than uplifting and not so insightful. When I decided to blog it was more to bless others with knowledge and revelation that the Lord has graced me with, but I have let trials and storms veer me off course. Now, I would like to present to some and introduce to others, the LORD, Jesus the Christ:

a little sermon that the Holy Spirit is speaking to me:

Theological Truth: God is able to use whatever you give Him

Intro: I was working with a fellow sales person named Fran, who said to me, "Jeff, do you know how I avoid burnout?" I said "no". Fran said "do you know those balloon clowns the ones that you hit and they just keep coming up with a smile?" I said "oh yea" she said " That is how you have to be to make it in this field"

Statement: Be Dead to self not in Debt to self

I. Preparing for the Battlefield
Too many of us get hit and we are so loaded down with guilt and fear and rejection we can't get back up, b/c we pop (referring to the Balloon Clown getting knocked down) But you see the clown gets up b/c it doesn't feel the blow, it's an inanimate object- Did you hear me? We need to die. Oh we like to talk about it, Power, give me Power Lord- there is no resurrection power without Death.
A. Phil 3:10, Gal 2:20, 2 Cor 4:10-11 Death necessary part of process to power

II. How to Die?
A. Worship- The act and process by which we surrender our flesh that the Spirit of God may be
manifested in our natural realm
1. Money- Peter and Taxes-Mt 17:27 Elijah and the cake- 1 Ki 17:13
Concept of tithe, time and substance
2. Body- Ez. River of God

III. Spiritual Disciplines- how to kill the flesh
A. Fasting
B. Speaking in Tongues
C. Simple obedience to the Holy Spirit
D. Daily prayer and Bible reading
1. b/c you are hungry not just b/c you are "s'pose to"

IV. Going to war
A. Define- Purposeful engaging of an enemy, surrendering will to a cause not ones own but made ones own
B. Know Weapons
C. Know Enemy
D. Know Battlefield

Closing: Some of you are still saying" You don't know me, you don't know what I've been through, how I've been hurt, and that's true but I do know what He went through and it was harder and longer and tougher and His shed Blood avails MUCH

Good News
Bondage Breaker, Deliverer of the Damned

Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting Up

(Don't know why I chose this pic, but love you Dad)

A new theme is arising in my life as of late: Get Up!

In basically every arena of my life. Physically, Spiritually, Mentally, Socially, Financially, etc...
As some of you may know couple years ago Bianca and I ventured on a quest for health (not necessarily just to loose weight), we accomplished our goal and consequently lost 140 lbs combined. However over the last several months the weight has crept up and i am basically back at my starting weight [around 190]. This has made it difficult to get up in the morning

Mentally I am beginning to be lethargic, Financially I can ONLY go up :), Socially I am losing a desire of starting any relationships because what I am really seeking is someone to pour into my life not Just pour into others. Spiritually I have fallen, no guys not apostate or heretic, but just feel myself losing fervor and momentum.

I know what I would tell other people in my situation, Fast, Get in the Word, Press in to Christ, Keep getting up, Don't Give up and these I am doing. I just have been asking the Holy Spirit for a fresh fire and fresh annointing because in my own strength I am ready to lie down and rest for a bit. But the enemy is always about, no time to be lax.