Friday, March 23, 2007

Gods Standard

On my friend Lexi's Blog she comments on God's standard. Teaching from the Way of the Master teaches us that most ppl measure their "holiness" to themselves... I am a good person cuz i never killed anyone, then you ask them if they ever hated anyone they say yes and blawhh! got em. the point is that the bible says that every one in his own heart thinks he is good, it also says our best righteousness is like filthy used tampons to God!!! God's standard of good is MORAL PERFECTION.

Whats the point in my rant?

Knowing is only 1/2 the battle
to simply KNOW their is a higher standard is one thing to eagerly pursue, chase, drive, and press toward is quite another so again i ask...
where's the fire? what do you burn for? what are you hungry for? is your tongue cleaving to the roof of your mouth because you are so dehydrated of the Word? or are you thirsty for more of the satisfying, complete, perfect word of God....

Let us teach with all authority and power the doctrines and principles of the Kingdom of God.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Preachers Dorm

Well it is just interesting to me how this works sometimes. When I sit down of my own volition to "prepare/write" a message I just really have a hard time. However, if I am asked to preach or if someone simply asks me a question about the bible, I tell you you better have 1/2 an hour or better for me to answer you.

I can even explain the mechanics of preaching and how to prepare a message to others, yet when it is time for me to do it I find great difficulty.

I also find that I can get in preachy moods. These have all to do with how in the Word or not I am or have been. If I have really been in the Word I will be really preaching I can't help it, it just comes out. This can not result in others preaching to me it has to be personal revelation. I think God does this to me to keep me accountable.

Tuesdays we have been going through the Omega Course by Mick Bickle at IHOP KC, but tonight we are ending our study. My prayer is to rekindle what I used to call the "Preachers Dorm" This was a group of guys I lived with in Bible College that would tag team preach, worship, and then do altar calls. These were powerful times that I hope will once again be renewed on these Tuesday Nights. I also believe it will be a time for others to express their giftings.

In the Making

Some of you may or may not know, I work here at Body & Sol in Barrington, IL. I started at this place last sept 06 and truly it is a blessing even my wife (Bianca) has said she has never seen me more happy.

As of late though are financial situation has been less than adequate, but in Faith by God's Grace it is improving everyday! I have had to really press in to Jesus and seek what is the best recourse for my families situation.

In the last 3 or so weeks i have had 4 major job offers in which i have had to make fairly quick decisions about whether or not to take them. All of these in the natural would be obvious choices since they would make a good bit of money.

Gods ways are higher than our ways :) and He has chosen to keep me at Body & Sol where i will put all of my efforts. Pray God's provision and favor and visit me :)