Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chew on this for a while

I was thinking this morning about destiny and free will. an amazing and terrifiying thought came to pass. We have heard it preached, we have felt it burden in our Spirit; What we do or don't do with our walk with Jesus determines/influences other peoples destiny.

Think of this: I was driving yesterday afternoon and i felt the Holy Spirit tell me to start praying in tongues. For a moment I hesitated, and the Spirit of God said to me, 'if you don't there will be peoples' walks in danger'. Now I don't know exactly what that would be and I may or may not personally know these believers but I prayed until I felt released of the Holy Spirit.

Everytime we go 5-10 mph over the speed limit we are reducing God's ability to use us to the fullest to the measure of the stature of Christ. Everytime we spout off to our spouse in anger because of offense we stop gaining ground for the Kingdom and we begin to regress. Everytime we don't take opportunities to pray, fast, read, fellowship with believers, serve, etc we deny God the availability to show Himself strong in the earth.

I know what the devil does what he says,' no one can fulfill all the law anyway, you aren't hurting anyone by looking at that porn, or speeding, or fighting with your spouse' and if we receive that lie we will begin to rebel against God and etch further and further away.

So like James urged us, Draw near to God, and He shall draw near to you. God has already completed His work you see, He made every provision for you to come to Him, now all He asks is that you walk Faithfully toward Him and He meets you there.


Lex said...

Weird. We were just talking about that last night. About the responsiblity we have as believers who know the truth. Are we doing everything we can? Are we taking advantage of every opportunity?

Take the youth for example: God has entrusted what will very soon be the most powerful generation in America into our hands as youth leaders - that's a huge responsiblity. Do we take it seriously enough? When this vaspor dissipates will we be able to present the Lord of Hosts with a strong, well-trained army of teenagers? I don't know.