Saturday, January 06, 2007


I realize that for some this may be trivial. Sometimes it is important to review the basics and examine if there is something deeper to understand or implement in our lives.

I recently have had several opportunities to lead a little over 20-25 people to the Lord Jesus Christ! Praise The Lord! During these times I found myself following a certain pattern.

I would thank them all for their courage in stepping out in faith.
Then I ask them what it means to them to be saved/born again.
I listen and then offer them this:

Salvation is about God the Father loving you so much and wanting to have ever-lasting relationship with you that He decided to send His only Son Jesus Christ to come to earth and show us that life, grace, truth, mercy, power, etc is only found in and by Him. In order for you to enjoy Him something had to happen. See God is not only 100% Mercy and Love but He is also %100 Holy, Righteous, and Judge. He can have nothing to do with sin for He is light and in Him there is no darkness. Makes sense right? So because God is eternal, He is outside or above Time, the punishment for sin ( or breaking His commands) is eternal. You steal so candy in a store and its a class c misdemeanor with about $2500 fine and up to 3-5 years in jail. God's standard of Good is MORAL PERFECTION and so stealing or any break of the law requires eternal punishment, hence Hell- a real place of torment- ever-lasting. So in order to get to Heaven you need to receive and accept Jesus to put your total Trust and Faith in Him and commit your WHOLE LIFE so that in doing so when God looks down on you and your sin what He sees is that the penalty for that sin has been paid for by His Son Jesus and God does not have to punish you for it because Jesus already paid the price. Again this is not a free ticket to continue sinning nor does it devoid us from the need of repentance from evil things in our lives but now we have a High Priest and Mediator who makes intercession for us and presents us Clean before the Father.

praise God