Monday, July 24, 2006

Hear demons screaming

"Paul I know and Jesus I know, but who are you?" This is what I desire in India, that the presence of God would be so strong that when I walk by demonic hosts flee because they can't stand the manifest presence of Jesus. I want the demons to know my name to know that I am willing to be humble that I would be lifted up by His Mighty Hand. I am willing to be weak so that His strength may abound. I am willing to be emptied so He can fill me and I willing to die so I can truly live.

I am ready for India but I do not believe the people of Kurnool are ready for the violence in the Spirit realm it is about to suffer, O I have offered up intercession here and sent words of faith but to me there is nothing like discerning an unclean spirit and casting it out in Jesus name and watching someones life restored.

So devil you have been served. I carry all the power and authority of Heaven and I know it and I understand how to use it. I will nor can not be intimidated. So I have ears to hear so Lord what would you have me do?