Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Deeper things get more simple

It has been my revelation as of late that the deeper I go in the Lord the easier things become. For example; Prayer. I know now because of my in depth studies how simple it can be . Just talk to the Lord like you would anyone, well I couldn't do that until I was fully convinced of 2 major things: 1st that God is a person who can listen to me, and 2nd that He wants to.

1John 5:14-15 (jeff's version) For this is the confidence I have gained from knowing God, that when I ask Him something He is attentive and actively listening, and because I know He listens to me I know He is gonna answer my prayers in Jesus Name.

So take heart if you have been praying for your miracle God HAS answered your prayer He heard and is already sent angels to perform it. He watches over His Word to see that he does it. It is simply that God is outside of Time. So then you have to know that They that wait upon the Lord will Renew their strength, and further that it is through faith and patience that they obtained the promises of God.

Hang In and Hold On