Saturday, May 31, 2008

Key Ingredient: Passion

Yesterday I got the opportunity to preach again at NMB Xian School. I preached "The Plot Thickens" a message about how the enemy tries to kills and what ways he does it through the life of Nehemiah. ( it went well ). the night before i was not able to sleep much. Thoughts upon thoughts flooded my mind. what will i say? how will i say it? is this the right message? and so on.

I was reminded (in a daydream like state) of a seminar on food safety i went to about a month ago. I know... food safety and the bible? the man who gave the presentation (peter goode) was amazing. the fact that i remember his name is a testimony. what i started to ponder was why? why did i remember anything he said? how did i remember anything he taught?

the answer came back as passion. it didn't matter how dry and boring his topic was because he was genuinely passionate about his topic. so in a sense we all fed off his energy.

So i preached with passion and conviction and i believe i was able to cause an effective shift in their paradigms about god, devil and the flesh. all of this obviously is by the grace of God through the power of the Holy Spirit.