Monday, March 17, 2008

Momentary Light Affliction

Life is funny sometimes, sometimes its not. God is funny sometimes, and sometimes not so much. I was reading 2 corinthians and i believe chapter 3/4 there is this line that says "momentary light affliction" We are to view our lives in the light of eternity. We ARE currently citizens of heaven ya know. So shouldn't our paradigm, our point of view, our reality derive its self from this vantage point?

Funny how God says to focus on eternity in stead of these momentary light afflictions, of course He could say that since He went to the Cross, of yes but that is not all. He was mocked, beaten, scorn, betrayed, pierced, spat on, human... and constantly let down by those around Him yet, for that 1 day that all of God's wrath and punishment for sin burned against our Lord Jesus on that fateful day, He counted it as joy, as a momentary light affliction, for the surpassing greatness of the riches of His Glorious fellowship towards us, His Beloved. 1 day of absolute torture for eternity- ok lets be honest 33 years of torture. 33 years ----- Eternity I wonder which ways heavier?

I know this could sound super spiritual and thats not my intention, i don't have it all down. but it encourages me to be challenged to make moment to moment, hour to hour, day to day choices to consider the life we have eternal and perfer IT over what we experience today.

SO let that grudge go, let the betrayl go, let mutiny go, let bygones be bygones and I believe you will experience more of the then -eternity- now.