Friday, February 22, 2008


First i would like to mention this is a real picture i took 2 nights ago when we had a lunar eclipse, not bad for a $70 camera 6x optical zoom. :)

Just for any of you who are word geeks like me:
Eclipse: 1. Literally, a defect or failure; hence in astronomy, an interception or obscuration of the light of the sun, moon or other luminous body. An eclipse of the sun is caused by the intervention of the moon, which totally or partially hides the sun's disk; an eclipse of the moon is occasioned by the shadow of the earth, which falls on it and obscures it in whole or in part, but does not entirely conceal it.

We have several eclipses in our lives don't we. Mainly we get in the way of God's Glory. we are of sorts, a malfunction. Atheists and Deists alike would say we are accidental primordial ooze doomed to fail. Even christians will proclaim that we are " nothing but a sinner saved by grace" and although this is a a true statement it is incomplete.

We are no longer sinners but saints. yes that's right- saint paul, christopher, joseph, mary and etc aren't the only one Jesus calls saints but all those who believe in His name and His cross and resurrection! Check this out: Saint: One separated from the world and consecrated to God; one holy by profession and by covenant; a believer in Christ (Psa_16:3; Rom_1:7; Rom_8:27; Phi_1:1; Heb_6:10).

so you see we are no longer sinners in Gods eyes and His wrath is no longer burning against us, no beloved it is His love that presses in on us, it is the heat of His passionate love that makes us tremble, and the intensity of the Maker looking upon His creation that causes us to consider ourselves naked before the most High.

So we have faults. God knows it, God knew it, we blew and He gets the Glory anyway. So lift up your chin don't let it fall, A man or woman of God should always walk tall, not in haughtiness or conceit, but God our Great and Mighty Savior had put all things under His feet.

Walk in Love, receive His Love and Give it away. try it.