Saturday, November 24, 2007

In the Spirit of... things

My simple contention is this: if we (those who are believers) have the very Spirit of God who is infinite and omniscient living also inside of us, then if one is to walk in the spirit one could be in contact with any single person or group of believers at anytime. We could see and know what they are experiencing, needing prayer for and then be a vehicle, a womb if you will for God to birth a miracle in our lives.

My further contention is that if I pray "alone" in my room I may yet still have someone agreeing with me in prayer if someone else by the same is praying maybe in brazil at the same time or perhaps not at the same time, God is not bound by time so why should our prayers, if I agree with Jesus' High Priestly prayer in john 17 to be one with God isn't that agreeing? shouldn't i expect it to happen than?

just some thoughts.