Monday, September 24, 2007

Marriage and Sex

I ravish His heart, a couple things 1. simply put first lets define marriage: the act of 2 people covenanting together in the bonds of Holy Matrimony witnessed by someone right? Right. so Eve was joined to Adam in the presence of God so there was both an official pronunciation of the marriage and a covenant (which is always ratified through blood, hence the consummation of the marriage) So God both witnessed and officiated this marriage and "that which God has joined let no man separate". 2nd in a slightly longer allegorical answer is that God often uses a physical or natural description to refer to the spiritual realm for example, Is 14 talks about the King of Babylon who was a real person and it is about him, it is just also a direct reference to lucifer becoming satan. with this in mind we see there is the tabernacle the temple of God, there were three places outer courts, inner courts/ holy place, and the Most Holy place or the Holy of Holies. So it is with us we have a body, that possess a soul that has a spirit each 3 being progressively more intimate than the first, same with our relationships outer courts equal those we see and kind of know at school or work- associates, then there are the inner courts- family, good friends, and then there is the holy of holies the inmost parts shared only between a husband and his wife. also everytime one fornicates (all the kissing and touching stuff before marriage that is not the act of penetration) or engages in premarital sex they effectively bind themselves to that person without the marriage ceremony or commitment, this is why some psychologists say things like you give apart of yourself to someone you are or have had sex with, because you literally have you bonded your spirit with the others. I hope this is helpful.


In reference to "Life as we see it's" question regarding "Did Jesus actually feel pain when the nails went into his hands?" the Biblical support is numerous however a simple way to prove this is: John 1:1-14 these scriptures clearly show us that though Jesus being of the same substance and nature of God transformed himself into an earthen fleshly vessel. ah but then you might say "every matter should be established by 2 or more witnesses", ok... we could also look at the prophetic Psalm 88 versus' 4 and 15. and Hebrews 4:15 I hope these sufficiently answer your question :)

Godslovechangedeverything asked "how does a man *practically* love his wife the way Jesus loved the church? " This is easy and difficult, easy because it is clearly and specifically mentioned in 1 Cor 13., but we also see 1 cor 7:13 and more in Eph 5:23;33 if you want more paractical than these I would say 1st as a man make sure you know your role 2nd Love your wife like 1 cor 13 and think about her everyday during your day 3rd listen to your wife she is a fountain of wisdom that springs forth inventive ideas, knowledge, and encouragements more precious than fine gold. and last but definitely not least Die to your flesh.
Jen asked "He descended into hell and on the 3rd day He rose again. Is that at all Biblical? Yes Where does that idea come from, the descending into hell? Eph 4:9-10 mainly, but the idea of "the Pit" or "SHeol" etc. is all over the old and new testament. But i think if you start with this scripture you will be on a good start. oh and Eph 6:12, then read Col 2:15 and that should be it.
Thank you all for your questions keep them coming this is fun.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Back on track

You know it's interesting how many times this happens to me (and i'm sure the rest of you in the real world) getting lost in the wilderness, confused by the "pressed but not crushed, persecuted not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed" routine that Satan does with me. Am i so easily thwarted off of the vision and purposes God has placed in me?

I think so, but I believe not
You see I originally started this blog for one simple goal. To brain dump the specific musings, rantings, and meditations of my reading, studying, and experience of the Bible to encourage and edify those who might read it. As of late it seems I have left that goal and so I have a plan, an idea.

I want to be challenged and helpful at the same time. What I propose is...

Send in your bible/theological questions
This way I can be sure to not only challenge myself and cause myself to stay on task, but also to encourage more readers to participate. Of Course any answer i give is not simply the bottom line, so if you would be unsatisfied (or just have a check in your spirit) feel free to challenge my answers :)

Happy Postings...