Thursday, August 02, 2007

Naturally Supernatural

Recently (the last few months) God has placed several things on my heart, one being the topic of evangelism. How do we do it? We are going to a Vineyard church now which is been of course an adjustment. I have not yet read the book, Naturally Supernatural, but just the title explains what God has been doing in me.

You see, or rather what I don't see is the bible recording many miraculous events in church/temple. What I do see is the majority of the miraculous outside. These miracles were not done on command as some demanded of Jesus hence the response "Only a perverse generation seeks a sign" but out of His ordinary life. Walking a long and BAM someone He meets is blind or another who is a demoniac.

I guess what I am trying to say is that the more we just commune with God, and learn to discipline our flesh, we won't have to pray for an hour before we go out witnessing to get "into His presence" we will simply abide in HIM so that when we come across those He wants to reach we will simply listen with ears to hear and respond accordingly, that is according to His will.

To those of you who read this and think ... God... use ME??!! well.. yeah. God wants to use you, certainly He is smart and powerful enough to figure out how to, so the only other variable in the equation is WILL YOU YIELD??

We all mentally, egotistically, socially, spiritually etc would say we want to be used of God, we would probably all agree we believe He can use us, so do we really believe it?
sometimes we can have a mental comprehension without a piercing of our spirit, without a revealed word in due season, because anyone in psychology or ministry :) will tell you, " you will act upon that which you believe". Having already laid down the previous statements now we visit James who says "show me your works that I might know you have faith" faith without works is dead.

If we really believe what we say and have convinced ourselves we believe then we will take action according to our faith.

Blessings friends