Saturday, June 09, 2007


This was a couple days ago at the beach right outside Coral Beach Resort and it occurred to me that we are no longer tourists but locals and we can go just about whenever we want :)

Praise the Lord for the CITW Podcast! I am going to very soon be approaching several of the churches in the area to preach some revival services, if anyone of you who would read this would like to send me an email with a reference letter for ministry I would greatly appreciate it.

Need prayer for Divine appointments and meetings specifically with other denominations, money to repair my scooter ~$2-300, increased sales at work, possible part time job, a ministry Bianca and I can do together.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

whats it like here any how?

This is a cool beetle around here

Spanish moss - it's everywhere

this is called Wisteria is really pretty and i like the purples

The beach, what else should i say?

and for all you reptilian enthusiasts this is a 16ft 1500lbs alligator feeding on a 20 lbs chicken you get at Jewel :)