Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Pardon me its been a while, 1. busyness of life 2. I don't want to brain dump and just give you regurgitated info. so finally i am burdened with something.

We are hearing about it more and more, we are seeing it less and less, and we experience it so infrequently as to its fullest potential it makes us question the validity of its existence, that is, God's Goodness.

We say things like, 'I can love because He first loved me' and we quote scriptures but what about the word that is to be written on our heart hidden so deep within our spirit that the pressure of this world can't squash it and the visually stimulating media of this world can't entice it and the flattering harlotry of this world can't seduce us to give it away!

God's word is either true or it is not but there are no mistakes, no miscommunications, no grey matter floating around. If then we conclude and better yet deduce logically and rationally we must acknowledge then it is Truth. This means now that there is much my brain must either endure to understand and die to accept. I hear the voice of the Holy SPirit says"

Now we can do this the easy way or the Hard way
" Choose therefore LIFE>