Friday, July 21, 2006

Anticipating What?

Well, here I am just about a week away from what I anticipate being one of the most influential moments in my life going to India and the last 3 weeks have been lets just say trying. Sickness, Pain, Strife, with a side of let downs. What the devil wants me to emphasize is how hard I have had it, and how much I deserve, but I choose the life set before me. I anticipate attack and so I fast and pray more fervently and frequently. I did not start training to quit or to loose.

See be warned world, be warned devil, and be warned O my Soul, there is no quit in me.
I john 5:5 Who is it that overcomes the world? None but he who believes in the Son of God.

well I do believe which is to OBEY! and nothing is stopping me from obtaining the prize!

I will worship I will preach I will teach I will minister I will triumph!!!! In CHRIST!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Frustrated Generation

More and more everyday we are inundated with imaginations, rationale, arguments on why to just leave for ME, via Media, "Friends", Family. Just today I had a negative thought come into my mind as I was taking a walk. I argued with myself. If I said what came to mind I would be cursing someone. But my flesh really wanted to express itself. So I started coming up with ways to nonchalantly get the other person to bring it up so I could "respond". Finally I just had to say outloud, I take Captive every thought into the obedience of Christ. I swallowed my pride and I died a little more.

My firm belief is that there are millions of people who walk around looking as happy as this guy<----- but inside are distracted, distorted, despondent, desperate, desolate, decimated and worst of all dying with a false reality that says to them this is normal. Because this lie has crept in even to the Christian world, where by the way I believe it is penetrated deeper than secular realms, we have all walks of life wasting away there lives through TV and Music and Movies and Internet passing off as a perfectly fine individuals who don't need any help and are quite content dying in the hidden, in the darkness. But if we look to the Truth, the Bible, it tells us to examine ourselves daily, to see that we are poor and wretched and naked and not to hide like Adam did, but to run to God and say Daddy please quick you gotta help me I fell into the big pit of Sin and if I fall much farther I may forget what its like to be in Your Light and NOTHING is more blissful and satisfying than that. If I simply recount all the times God was Faithful when He showed up and simply opened Love to my heart and set a memorial to remember I would not hesitate to come therefore boldly into His Glorious Throne and Presence but come running. Run... RUN to Him the ONLY1whoSATISFIES.