Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Roller Coaster

Yes its true that I even sometimes find myself buying Satans ticket to jump on Hells best up-and-down-til-you-cant-think-straight rollercoaster. as silly as i know it to be, as futile and dangerous as i know it to be, i still get dupped (doopped?). I don't want to waste energy fighting people, i want those principalaities to come tumbling down, i can't wait to hear the sweet sound of victory for the Lord( which He has trult already given us anyway).

I get pysched up for certain events and dates but i fail in the day to day battle of obeying the speed limit, honoring my mom and dad, and not bearing false witness. these are important to being a skilled warrior. My desire is that the Lord will grant me the manifest grace to first slay my own giants in the land so i can go and give others the good report that the battle is the Lords and He shall prove victorious everytime.

this verse has been echoing in my spirit: Those who put their trust in the Lord shall never be put to shame.

Hmmm. so if i just simply do what God says it will always work. interesting concept. what is it that D L Moody said I will be a man who is completely surrendered to God. He did a good job, but Jesus was a perfect picture of that.

Lord Help me to get to that placer more and more everyday.


Lex said...

Amen. It's kind of irritating the way the day to day, little things are really the important ones in that they train you for bigger battles. It's easier to overlook those. I'm working out a few myself, and get the sinking suspicion there will always be just a couple more until He comes back.