Tuesday, August 29, 2006

When all hell is breaking loose

I know a wonderful pastor friend of mine who did a kids retreat with the theme " When all hell is breaks loose, all Heaven declares the Glory of God". I remember that message and theme and it seems as of late many things have been breaking loose; my finances despite my every dilligent effort and faithfulness in giving have been on a steady decline (in the natural), My wife and I have been trying for 8 months now to conceive a child, my car seems to be coming up with problem after problem, and my computer is dying, etc... so God is teaching me Faith And Patience. I remember speaking the our Youth ministry some time ago saying "the bigger the problem the bigger the miracle". I so desire the miraculous I desire much for my life so that the heathen will stand up and say though I don't agree with what that guy is saying he is blessed. The bible talks about this in Duet. 28. So my personal struggle is found in the experience now, see Im good at coaching others through it and its like God is saying did you learn anything? I have hundreds of bible verses memorized ready for any situation, but am I ready to answer myself? New level New devil...